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Sep 26, 2010

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Suboxone Withdrawal-how bad?

yeah that is some complete bull I was on 2 mg at the end of them i was every other day and then came the dreaded empty bottle...I only made it thu because I moved my family out in the middle of no were and I had one roxy 30 to detox with and I cut that in four and made it. I was on suboxone for about a year when I lived in jersey but in all honesty I am sure I would be dead had I not packed my family up and moved away...far away...I stayed clean for about 4 months and had to go back on meds due to car accident...ultram for fibro it will never end I am sad to say but the hell with mild w/d from subs that is some false info for sure....there is no such thing opiates are opiates they all attach to your receptors so it's all the same shit W/D  (Sep 27, 2010 | post #3786)

Goodview, VA

The Dr. scripts him WHAT?????

Were is the logic? I work in a corner store,in a small town in the country...i see a lot of people during my time there.I hear a lot of conversation's too.Anyway my husband has sever joint pain,he is a diabetic,he has to work to keep our home going.He has been seeing a dr. here for 5 years,he get's blood tests reg.what I am getting at is this,he has been in a lot of pain for a long time and he is lucky to get a tylenol recommendation.Now here is just one case I happen to know personally that goes to the same Dr. once a month and walks out of the office with 200 hydro 10,200 perc.10,200 40 oxy,200 v's,and a shot of Demerol as bonus.He then leaves the office in his 2009 Honda accord,goes to the nearest drug store,calls all his pain patients(that's what I call them),takes their money,leaves them broke,goes to have steak and eggs,pays his rent,gets his food for the month,buys jewelery,leather on, and so on. The only handicap that I know of is he is toothless??????Oh I failed to mention he is on state income. My husband is 55 years old has never tried to get pain meds on a reg. but it has come to the point in his life were he is starting to feel the affects from his diabetes,he has put up with pain for as long as possible, he realizes that once he starts he will most likely need them for the duration in oder to live his life without being miserable.So he went to her and she scripted him ultram...he stuck it out with this medication for about 6 months, been to a specialist for his joints received a shit load of painful shots in his wrists,seen no improvement.Now I have watched him when he thinks no one is looking and if he hits his thumb on something wrong it draws tears.I demanded he go and get some thing stronger then ultram (witch by the way is addicting as well but does not help everyone) well he went to her this week, he asked for hydro...her answer to that was,"that is a very strong narcotic and I can not give you a script of that!" She wrote him out a paper instructing him to wear a hand brace and gave him moltrin. She would not even give him another dose of ultram he takes 50 mg a day (you can take up to 300mg). she stated that was already over the line???? I just have to wonder about all of this.I wish I could find help for my husband.Now I see why people have to buy medication illegally. I would love to go to that office and have a real debate with her. I would ask her who needs the medication more the bull shiter that is living large,or the workin guy that has to spend all his hard earned money on buying pills off the street just so he could go to work and put food on the table? But if I told her that she would flag him as an addict and dismiss him as a patient. So I would love to hear what other people think about this.And to the comedian that is gonna be funny and ask who this Dr. is... NO, I WILL NOT TELL YOU WHO THE DR. IS..I can already hear it now..."Where is he located? and how do I get in!!!  (Sep 27, 2010 | post #1)

For people who want to snort the OP's

read my post about the dr.s here I am pissed..but I don't matter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (Sep 27, 2010 | post #574)

For people who want to snort the OP's

LOL that was good..I am gonna chime in on the Virginia remark (notice my location)I can not believe what I see here, I moved here from N.J. 5 years ago and I think I landed on mars.It is all true about the south.There is more uneducated people here then I ever thought lived,right down to the Dr.'s...I work in a store and there are so many people that get more medication then they deserve. Let me give you a for instance...200 hydro 10, 200 perc 10,200 oxy 40 200 v's, he recieves a shot of demerol with every office visit. He leaves the office goes directly to the pharm,calls his friends,sells all his meds,pays his rent,has three cars,drinks like a fish...the only impairment that I can see is he has no teeth. I am having a hard time with this. my husband has severe joint pain,he does not abuse drugs,dont drink,and he is lucky he can get a tylenol recomdation???? Did I mention he see's the same Dr.were is the pisses me off to no end.I wanna scream at times when I see this going on. That is just one case I know a lot of people that see this Dr. and trust me they do not need that medication,oh yeah and they are on welfare,but somehow they have a shit load of money,are clearly healthy,and I have to go home at night and watch my husband keep his hand on ice and grimace with pain? I wish there was someone I could talk to about this but my husband don't matter he is a YANKEE...I bet the Dr. is related to everyone INBREEDS  (Sep 27, 2010 | post #573)

For people who want to snort the OP's

I doubt they will change it,they are probably making a pill for the side affects as we speak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (Sep 26, 2010 | post #549)

Suboxone Withdrawal-how bad?

Ahhh I love your strength. And I hear that clear it is a horrible feeling when ya have to worry about a pill day after day. I am not very happy that I am depending on ultram to get me thou the day. But I have come so far down the ladder that I feel like there will come a day when I can be free of any pharmaceutical ,but for now I am stable,I never expected to be able to say that for myself. stay strong other people depend on it,infact it has ME thinking. Thanks  (Sep 26, 2010 | post #3776)

Waynesboro, VA

Marijuana - Waynesboro, VA

If they legalize it the boy's will have one less feather in their cap,they won't be able to use that power trip any more...pot should be the last thing they oughta be worryin about. Drunk drivers are all around us, EVERYDAY, I bet we pass at least ten.Dodging bullets on your way home from work.THAT IS A PROBLEM!!!There is a woman that lives in my neighborhood that is on heavy syco drugs her freakin tongue hangs down past her chin,that is how out of it she is and she is driving around town as if she is a taxi cab.She has little kids in the car with her. I shake my head in disbelief. I just pray she never runs into anyone I love,because then it will be ME that goes to jail,I will kill her!!!!!!I know I am off topic here but it's all so wrong out THERE,off topic HERE won't hurt!!!!!!I think I need to smoke to calm me down:)  (Sep 26, 2010 | post #3)