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Jul 7, 2010

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i hate majerteen " mj" people:

Yeah, because sane people skype random cyber trolls. Since we are pointing out mistakes, perhaps you should re-read the paragraph you posted since it is clearly obvious it is not an auto-corrected mistake. I don't know what you are going on and on about, but in regards to me conducting myself in ethically and morally correct manner, who says I do not? The way I talk to my clients is completely opposite from the way I talk to cyber trolls who are spewing filth and hatred towards and about my people. Since you know so much about my chosen profession, perhaps you should tell me what it is you think a Public Health Advocate does. Anyways, you are a waste of my time. I usually do not talk to Langaabs that I have nothing in common with. So long.  (Aug 6, 2014 | post #23)

i hate majerteen " mj" people:

So, that auto-corrected word makes me uneducated? and you call others dumb? Really? Your I.Q is in the single digits. FYI, I don't claim anything, I DO work in the public health field. I do not need to justify myself to you. I know the concept of someone who is educated working for a living is foreign to you since you are a welfare recipient and never worked a day in your life, old man, but no do be envies. You are the one who clearly confused between the terms "uneducated " from "close minded." Perhaps you should choose you words carefully instead of throwing around a word that does not make any sense. You belligerent moron. You seem all hot and bothered. Do not take your frustration on me if you are the progeny of langaab primitives. Perhaps you should see a psychiatric to work on your emotional issues because you seem to be suffering from inferiority complex. It is quite comical that you claim to be a high school student because I seriously doubt you are. You are middle aged, bald headed, qabiliste dumb ass with gargantuan beer belly. Your I.Q might be equivalent to child in elementary school but do not shave years off of your age to make yourself seem like you are above anything, old man. exit to the right. (#madesurethatitis notautocorrected). Idiot.  (Aug 6, 2014 | post #18)

i hate majerteen " mj" people:

Uneducated? you don't know anything about my education. I am working on my masters degree in public health advocacy. Perhaps you meant to say close minded. Choose you words carefully next time before you lecture me, you fake kumbaya moron. Exist to the left.  (Aug 4, 2014 | post #10)

i hate majerteen " mj" people:

Monkey boy, where are you so salty? Did they enslave your ancestors as well? Slavery is no longer legal in Puntland, clam down you are going to be O.K.  (Aug 4, 2014 | post #8)

i hate majerteen " mj" people:

Is that what you are going with? Really? Because you think people are so dumb? You are Mj, so you chose the username "Mj girl" to convince the world that you are, indeed, from that tribe!! Ok, I am buying that lame story. First and foremost, stop claiming the great noble tribe you illiterate sheegato langaab. Second, have you ever asked yourself why is it that you hate Majeerteen people? Is it because you are a savage and you hate other human being who are civilized, intelligent, productive, and progression, instead of them being like you, a cannibal sub-human. You are a Patrica/Patrick. You are the irrelevant random bitch or jerk-off on that Conner claiming and wishing to be from a clan he/she will never have the fortune to being part of. If the noble majeerteen blood run through your veins, you would not have this much inferiority complex.  (Aug 4, 2014 | post #7)

Is Hawiye enemy of Puntland?

Couldn't agree with you more.  (Jun 12, 2013 | post #22)

I would consider eradicating Hawiye vermons

You are being sarcastic but honest to god I would do it without blinking if you are Hutu adjoin Hawiye. Pest.  (Jun 12, 2013 | post #5)

I would consider eradicating Hawiye vermons

Seems logical to me. Lets start in Galkacyo by sterilizing all the Hutu Hawiye viruses in the one block neighborhood of Baraxley to ensure that they never procreate again.  (Jun 12, 2013 | post #4)

I would consider eradicating Hawiye vermons

If your body was invaded by furious and deadly microorganism that could kill and you had an antidote to fight against them aggressively, would you not? I would! Dreams are said to be a peek into the unconscious thoughts of humans. It is a way that we process information that we don’t have time to address day to day. I guess my subconscious mind is trying to tell me something. I read an article couple of months ago published by Reuters about USA ever looming fear of terrorists using chemical and biological warfare. My dream was partially based on this. I have been given this particular subject a lot of thought lately. The way I see it is; all Somali problems have a common denominator. Hawiye!!! They were the domino effect to all our issues. They are these deadly microorganisms I have described earlier. The very idea of sharing a country with these “people” disgusts me to the core. These nearthentals have showed unyielding and relentless level of stupidity unmatched by any other human group in the world. They thrive in terrorism, chaos, and mayhem and they show no sign of ever wanting peace and stability. Somalia needs to move forward, and I can’t see how that would happen with these people around. I would consider using biological or chemical warfare against Hawiye to gain strategic or tactical advantage over these apes. Mogadishu needs to be obliterated and long with this vermons.  (Jun 11, 2013 | post #1)

Sade prime minister was appointed; Kanaxow Nafta waa

To say I am disappointed by this decisions would be an understatement. First we elected a 'Nobody" as the president who bought his way to the top seat and now this? The new president pretty much sealed this fate before his government even had the chance to do anything meaningful. This was the biggest decision the so-called president was faced with and the turn out was an epic failure. First, Puntland is the ONLY state in Somalia that is functioning properly and that is very stable politically, militarily, and economically. Sidelining Puntland and appointing an Non-Puntlander as the Prime Minister was an expected decision from this incompetent, inexperienced, ill prepared "President " but nonetheless it is a terrible mistake. Puntland created the Constitution of the country, hosted the first successful reconciliation meeting inside Somalia, and master minded the formation of a government based on Federalism. The new Federal Govenment is entirely made of people who hail from Southern Somalia and "Yes Mens" that are meant to represent Northern regions but in fact are working against the interest of this entities. There is no longer checks and balances. This government will no doubt fall flat on its face, let's hope that it doesn't end in bloodshed and for the southern regions to head to the trajectory it was once headed. I predicted Mogadishu will be the epicenter of chaos and violence once more. The hard work of Abdiwali and other Puntlanders will be flashed down the toilet. God protect the innocent people of Mogadishu.  (Oct 6, 2012 | post #7)

NO OIL in Puntland

You are so comical. I don’t know what it is but you seem to have a chip on your shoulder. Is it your thing to accuse people you disagree with for being FaraxZeroIncome? You seem to do that a lot, Like very thread. It must suck to be that paranoid. I am not FaraxZeroIncome and everybody aside from you can see that since they never accused me for being him. We don’t have same writing style NOT to mention we are from two completely different genders. I don’t know what the dude did to you to make you so demented but lately you have been going a downward spiral into the abyss. Please get a grip. My Af-Somali is perfect. The way in which a word is written depends on how you pronounce that word and it is region specific. But of course an idiot like you wouldn’t know that. For your information, Faroole will not be the only rich Mj. I know you secretly wish you can get hitched to an Mj man which is why you seem to be so obsessed with us. Get in line.  (Jul 26, 2012 | post #44)

NO OIL in Puntland

First, I might be tribalist, but I am not a dissembler like you. Everything you say, do and support is motivated by tribe. You are one-sided, narrow-minded bigot. Stop placing yourself on a moral pedestal; you are not better than the next person. I am going reiterate my origin point, which was I know you would have reacted differently had it been your tribal region and your history in Topix is evident of that. Unless you are agree that you are against oil in Puntland for tribal reasons, don’t expect people to take your seriously. Your earlier statement reeks of jealousy and envy, and it is Ok to be envies. Puntland is the first state of Somalia that has went the idea of tapping into its natural resources since the collapse of the Somali government in 1991. This progressive state is, and will always be, a million years ahead of the rest of the country, including Somaliland. Now Somaliland and the rest of the country are cheaply mimicking Puntland. Second, Puntland has the largest underground water reserves anyplace in the country. Finding water instead of oil is that that big of a revelation. May I remind you that it was not Puntland where the worst drought in Somalia for more than 60 years happened? You assertion of Puntland being the “thirstiest” in the planet is preposterous and I would even justify that comment with a response. Puntland doesn’t need water, it needs oil. I assure you, is the ultimate goal was to find water, they would not make multi-billion dollar deal for foreign companies in order to achieve that. The fact that you are more enthusiastic about Kenya or Ethiopia potentially becoming East Africa’s oil hub instead of Somalis in Puntland just proof my original point that you can’t stand to see Puntland prosper and progress. Puntland is as stable, if not more stable, than Kenya and Ethiopia. Oil will not disintegrate the stability of the region. It is visionless individuals like you who think that Puntland should wait and halt its progress until the chaotic Somalis get their act together. Puntland will not stand for anything. Puntland has shown a relentless desire to continue to explore its resources despite the hatred, and disapproval coming from envious and loathsome individuals such as you. I can’t stress enough that your opinions are not momentous. We Puntlanders understand that this thing takes time. Call me the day they start drilling for oil in Somaliland and you are in our caliber and we shall talk.  (Jul 26, 2012 | post #43)

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