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Dec 22, 2011


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Illegal Immigration

Immigration reform would end confusion

Confusion? What confusion? we do not need immigration reform. what we need is for the immigration laws we have now to be enforced. any new reform will do no better than the laws we have now other than give amnesty to millions here breaking the law.then it will be the same ol same ol all over again. if obama tries to pull a slick one and pass a executive order there may very well be a repeat of history and another revolution go down. And I will be in the front lines .  (Thursday Apr 3 | post #1)

Illegal Immigration

Boycott Jose

People jose is a racist hatebaiting ignorant bigot. I have been reading through the forums and he is so boring with his repeated insulting posts. He is a trouble making moron who needs to be ignored. quit responding to him and he will give up and go away. he is of no value to any of the topics here except to bring his whole race down. I will ignore him except to get a good laugh when he responds to this topic with more of his racist blathering.  (Thursday Apr 3 | post #1)

Immigration Reform

Biden: Undocumented immigrants 'already American citizens'

Biden and his fellow dems must kiss ass for the hispanic vote which without it they could'nt even be elected as a dog catcher.  (Wednesday Apr 2 | post #87)

Immigration Reform

Many Mexicans are ignorant.

I work in a big box hardware store right in the middle of a large hispanic population and I deal with them daily. I have got to know many of the regulars and we get along well and have respect for each other. Then there is the ignorant uneducated 'no hable English' pain in the ass people that come in and almost need to be lead by the hand to find what they need. most are unable to read and can be standing right in front of what they are asking me for. Then they expect me to explain to them how to do their project. hand them something and the waste minutes of my time staring at it and act like they think I am lying to them. most times they have no idea at what they are trying to do.... and these guys are out there building homes and plumbing and electrical etc. we can tell them what they are doing is wrong (wrong size wire or breakers) and that they could burn a house down and they just shrug and go do it. and people if you are going to come into a store of mostly English speaking people.... then by God learn to speak enough English to let us know what you need.  (Wednesday Apr 2 | post #1)

Immigration Reform

Obama Seeks Executive Options To Aid Illegal Aliens

People,Jose is a moron and a flammer! Ignore him,do not reply to him and he will go away.  (Mar 15, 2014 | post #19)

Immigration Reform

Steve King: GOP Leaders May Push Amnesty During Lame-Duck...

Amigos smarter? NOT! A better discription would be cowards,theives (sp) beggars,bums and not any kind of a real man. Takes a real lowlife to believe coming to America makes them a man in any way.  (Mar 15, 2014 | post #78)

Immigration Reform

Obama under pressure to slow illegal immigrant deportations

Here in Dallas I work at a big box hardware store in a area with the highest population of hispanics in the Dallas area. I work in both the plumbing and electrical departments. A good 85 to 90% of our customers are hispanic. The store has the highest dollar amount of theft in the Dallas area. Mytwo departments are the heaviest hit in theft. Many of those that I help are polite and thankful for my help. I do not speak spanish and have no intention in learning. when the language barrier is to hard to cross I just find another employee to translate and all goes well. Most times I can figure out what the person needs by pantomime (sp) and pointing and such. My point I am leading up to is this...... legal immigrants are welcome at any time. They came to America the right way,filled out the forms,got in line like those before them and eventually became Americans. Illegal aliens either overstayed their visa,crossed the river whatever and BROKE the laws of out land by doing so.Then reap great fortune by doing so due to benefits they are able to get all illegaly. If you want to come to America for a better life then fill out the forms,pay any fines stand in line....proclaim your love for what America offers the American flag..enlist in our armed forces assimilate!! LEARN ENGLISH! For Gods' sake!!! Do not expect all you get just because you snuck into America. Those of you to lazy to do the right thing and hide in the shadows......Do not expect any sympathy from me!!!!  (Mar 13, 2014 | post #25)

Immigration Reform

Obama: willing to work with House on immigration reform

years ago Americans worked in construction making a decent wage and for the most part did quality,highway s etc. Now you can go by any construction site and see nearly all are hispanic/mexicans doing it all,roofing,brickw ork,electrical,plu mbing, sheet rock install and painting ect. Any roadwork....mexica ns. Heavy duty equipment operaters,cranes.. ..all mexicans. WHY because the mexicans legal and illegal came in and do the work for MUCH less wages. I got no problem with any legal immigrant! But any and all illegal aliens should be controlled by deporting and going after those that hire the illegal.  (Nov 4, 2013 | post #346)

Immigration Reform

Remember when obama said on national tv "The buck stops h...

Benghazi NSA Obamacare just to mention a few that someone else took the bullet. obama had excuses for all. now he ignores the problems with his (save the world) health plan and jumps right into trying to ram (wanting Americans to bend over and take it) immigration reform down our throats.  (Nov 4, 2013 | post #1)

Immigration Reform

Mexico has something to say about US fencing it off

Mexico can kiss our lilly white ass! I could go on but why drive my blood pressure up. fu@k mexico!!!!!!!  (Jul 6, 2013 | post #21)

Immigration Reform

Assimilation fears shouldn't hinder immigration reform

I watched the video and yes they have the gall to call us racist! You see all those thousands of people marching and it makes one wonder....if they all were to do that in their country,(mexico,no t the land they claim as homeland in America) they could make changes and fix the land of crap they call home. They want revolution? I say "bring it on!" I will be in the front lines to put them in their place! Yea,we will give them revolution and send them packing back to mexihole.  (Jul 6, 2013 | post #3)

Immigration Reform

Black Conservatives Speak out on Illegal Immigration

My guess is you have never lived in a neighborhood that once was a nice place to live and raise a family and then watch as mexicans,legal and illegal move into the area and over populate it trash it out,too many cars parked on property,to many people in single family homes,drive down home values and not care one damn bit. I have been there done that and it's sad.  (Jul 6, 2013 | post #2084)

Immigration Reform

Why Is the Far Right So Ignorant and Hateful?

Spud....good post! I just changed it a little! The right is wrong (as some call them 'hateful') because They love their country. They are worried about our economy. They have compassion for the middle and lower class workers who are having their jobs stolen and wages depressed by illegal aliens. They want their college graduate children to be able to get a job that enables them to live well and pay of their student loans. They care about quality of life issues. They are concerned with the rise in crime and drug consumption. They actually think our laws mean something. They believe that running up an enormous debt and sticking your children with the bill is unconscionable. They believe government is too big and spends too much. I believe that if all of the above is wrong.....then I do'nt want to be right!  (Jul 5, 2013 | post #15)

Immigration Reform

We must march for American Rights!

Oh,now the insults will fly! Bring 'em on!  (Jul 4, 2013 | post #2)

Immigration Reform

We must march for American Rights!

It is time for ALL Americans to speak out for the legal rights for the American people! All through these forums you can read of illegals making demands that they have no rights to. The Dems want instant amnesty(creating future voters) with no border security,the Republicans(for the most part) are afraid to put up a fight. Illegals all across America march in the streets with no fear from the police or ICE. They thumb their noses at America and Americans and laugh in our faces. America,I say it is time we do our part! Get off our butts and be proactive. Call your elected officials,email them demand that reform will only be allowed when borders are secure and e-verify is in place! We must gather and rally and march and make our voices be heard!!! I live in Dallas ,Texas and would be glad to help organize rallies and march in the streets with fellow Americans! We must not let America be taken over by a horde of illegal aliens seeking nothing more than what they can suck from the generosity of Americans. Come on people,let's do this! contact me if interested.  (Jul 4, 2013 | post #1)

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