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Oct 14, 2008

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Somerset, KY

danielle worful

its jus bull tht u all would be low enough to take somethin off someone's grave, thats all my mom is makin a point of, u all r childish for doin wt u did. my god grow up, u all said that my daughter(the person u stole off of grave)could have it but u all want to be low enough to take it off then keep it we nor does she need it, we already have a new one anyways, we jus thought u all actually were good people and was tryin to help someone out wen they needed it but we were wrong its krama bit*hes and its comin for u believe tht one u dont fu*k wit my kids and get away wit it.  (Oct 5, 2009 | post #105)

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Devyn-n-Shaun n our lil gurl


Cinnci Oh


Sum where u aint

I Belong To:

Shaun Wright My babys Arianna,Nevaeh, and the lil boy on the way

When I'm Not on Topix:

im takin care of my bby but thts either way but ya no wt i mean

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Read This Book:

ne thing tht u can read to ur kid

Favorite Things:

playin wit my baby and spendin time wit my man.

On My Mind:

shaun, n how ppl think there tha sht n they dnt ever do ne thing all they good at is runnin there mouth

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I Believe In:

my childern accoplshing what they want to do and not putting down there dreams because of others.