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Aug 9, 2013

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San Francisco, CA

The Starchitects : Mapping 13 Starchitect-Designed Buildi...

Underground Architect/designer William Edward Summers has designed a large number of low key luxury buildings in the Bay Area. Summers has been published in periodicals and newspapers ranging from the Nob Hill Gazette, Metropolis, in NYC, in Japan, British Columbia, and Toronto. Some of Summers' most visible Bay Area projects are the cubist Tudor on Blackhawk Road in Danville, CA, the house with two turrets overlooking Alamo, CA, the eccentric Ma Villa on Marina. and the odd tower house in Noe Valley. Currently Summers is developing the "micro coach house" and Miro apartment buildings in addition to luxury housing see some of the snapshots at http://www.designe nvelope.wordpress. com, .  (Jun 3, 2014 | post #1)

New York, NY

Micro apartments - the next big thing?

Micro living isn't for everyone, but it does offer some interesting opportunities.; 1) Micro apartment buildings can provide an affordable pied-a-terre in expensive luxury cities 2) Micro dwellings can let anyone be an apartment building developer and owner 3) A great variation is the "micro coach house" invented by architect/designer William Edward Summers. See http://www.designe nvelope.wordpress. com  (Jun 3, 2014 | post #4)

New York, NY

Can Micro Coach Houses, Actually Make You Rich?

Can a New Type of Tiny House Boost the Economy? The mini coach house and the micro coach house are two experimental small buildings by William Edward Summers that are designed to inexpensively generate revenue, reduce homelessness, create good local jobs, reduce sprawl, and add homeowner equity. There is also a micro apartment building system developed by Summers. With this concept it is possible to build and eight unit apartment building in the space of a modest single family house. Can this type of construction make you rich? See graphics at: www.designenvelope or www.easybuildingpl More information about William Edward Summers: Official site: http://www.designe List of previous articles: http://www.designe es.htm TV Interview http://www.designe sion.htm ****************** ****************** **************  (Jun 3, 2014 | post #1)

Lawrence, KS

Underground Film Shot in Lawrence, Only Seen Once in 1971...

News Release – For Immediate Release www.designenvelope .com/film.htm Underground Film Shot in Lawrence, Only Shown Once, Resurfaces “Ticket to Total Freedom” is an underground film originally created by the now designer/architect William Edward Summers during the late 1960s and shown publicly only once in 1971. The documentary film offers a glimpse into the weekend lives of “Wes” Summers. (As he was known by his nick name then) with his friends and associates in Lawrence Kansas. Some of the film is shot at the campus of The University of Kansas around their favorite locations, the Student Union Building, and the park with the Campanile. There are also scenes in Old West Lawrence, and downtown. The documentary features people from the Lawrence High School classes of 70, 71, and 72, and includes a few of Summers’ fellow band members from the various rock and blues bands that they formed during that time. The film is non-objective and shows a world of teens before cell phones, and computers. It seeks to capture the experience of being young during this time at the end of the hippie era, immediately after Woodstock in this beautiful Midwestern college town The film is in four parts. Part one, called “Faces and Trees” was inspired by Monet’s “Water Lilies” and uses focus and color to create a dreamy mood. Summers’ friend, the Lawrence personality known as “Crazy Bruce”, was involved with the conceptualization of this part of the project. Parts two and three are the “Vignettes” segment during which the participants act out various scenes such as the parting of the Red Sea performed in a pasture, the match fight, and the fake mugging. This part shows the activities of a pre-computer and cell phone youth most clearly. Part four is the “Celebration of Life” segment showing Summers, his girlfriend, and the bass player from one of his bands cavorting in the empty KU football field. “Celebration of Life” expresses the joy of being young during this peaceful prosperous time in America. See the film: http://designenvel For more information about the film maker today: http://www.designe Television interview: .com/watch?v=B-jg_ w-9RaI Snapshots of projects: .com/watch?v=XWpSZ nWZyBU Partial list of articles: http://designenvel tm More information: http://williamedwa rdsummersbiography 11/links.html ****************** ****************** *************  (Aug 9, 2013 | post #1)