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Nov 14, 2013

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Yahoo unfair to Colorado

On August 6th 2013 our Centennial State boasted 2,855 Colorado groups.Today,there are 2,379. The largest group with over 14,000 members was Bryan Edison's Colorado Experience.It was founded in July of 1999.What made it unique was the interactive network that united 95% pf the Colorado based group.The group had yearly meet-ups throughout the state for Colorado group owners. Colorado Experience spearheaded internet assistance during the recent forest fires and tornadoes in the lower Arkansas Valley.The group was the second group based for Colorado to issue Amber Alerts.The membership worked with a Denver based international teen/family group for online homework help and mentor project.All in all the group represented what is best in each of us.It stood the test of time and was a beacon.A giant of Colorado groups throughout the internet. The group worked with the management of Yahoo to facilitate the needs of the elderly and visually impaired during the switch over of clubs to groups in 2001.Colorado groups made the access to the groups for the elderly and visually impaired a number one priority. You may have been contacted by the group during its 15 year run.The last major mobilization of the group was the National Night Out on August 6th.This was a combined effort of the teen/family group and was a huge success. The following day ended the ability of Colorado Experience to function in a relevant manner.Yahoo began the roll-out of a new format called NEO groups.This caused major confusion.No one had any prior notice.The new system was so flawed that a plug-in was discovered to by-pass it.What disturbed a lot of us is the fact that it was not tested upon release. Our hearts were heavy during the recent floods.We couldn't use the network to help our neighbors.One by one the most popular Colorado groups disbanded.The NEO interface with all its flaws were too much to bear.Some groups found alternatives to Yahoo at Facebook and related internet services.Our cherished teen and family network with 130,000 members was gone by September. The elderly and visually impaired? Where were they able to go? No where.The groups they needed to network with others for health and living information was destroyed by the NEO format.How? Our senior citizens relied on the custom built groups and their fixed incomes prevent them for the most part to afford new computers or high speed internet.With their slow dialup and DSL modems,the pages with NEO use so much RAM that even cable has problems downloading the pages.The font is so small,its difficult for them to read. The blind have complained to Yahoo that the NEO format is at variance with the ADA. You may know that the blind use special equipment to read the internet pages.With the NEO format,its impossible.The scrolling pages and ads choke off their readers and stops them cold. Thousands of Yahoo group owners and users complained to Yahoo and demanded a return to the older group format.Yahoo has ignored their request.Because of this hundreds of groups have been disbanded affecting nearly 2 million users. Because of the callous and patronizing attitude of Yahoo,a Denver and Georgia resident organized a group to do whatever it takes to urge Yahoo to junk the NEO format and restore the previous format for the elderly and disabled.Nearly 2,000 teens and young adults across the globe have organized to fight Yahoo. They need your voice.They need your belief in justice to champion the humanitarian outreach to the elderly and disabled.They need your anger to shine the light of day on what Yahoo has become.Our group has one mission and one mission only and that is to restore the old group format.We will not take no for an answer. http://groups.yaho neo  (Nov 14, 2013 | post #1)