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May 25, 2009

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Flemington, NJ

St Michael Home for Chilren Alumni 1952-1975

Hi Everyone, It's wonderful that you all have reached back to see if there are others like yourself. Briefly stated, my experience at St Michael's was difficult to say the least about the worst. As everyone here realizes, it can take a lifetime to finally exorcise the ghost from nightmares of the past. My memories are not a light-hearted romp in the fields of childhood. I would like to communicate with you all about your experiences, with the intent of complying our collective memories into a topical book that recalls the varied experiences and perhaps document the good and the not so good recollections. I will email each listed individual to establish contact, that should precipatate a beginning of communication among us. I look forward to our conversations in the near future. Regards to all of you. Dennis Michael Martin  (May 26, 2009 | post #20)

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St Michael's Home for Children 1950's through 1975

Greetings All, I happened to be vacationing in Bar Harbor,Maine and I came across the blog started by Diane B, concerning the efforts in communicating between the Alumni of St Michael's Home for Children in Hopewell NJ. Ironically, I had initiated a posting in 2007, relating to beginning a dialogue between others who had lived at the facility. I have just returned to my country home in Birdsboro PA, and after taking care of important issues, I re-initiated a blog in hope of reconecting with the individuals interested in complyling their relative stories about their time at St Mike's Home. I am certain that there is ample information available to develop a Book about that time of our lives. I lived there from 1952-1963 and I was a notorious run away, which led to my being characterised as the resident 'devil', by several of the 'none's'. In order to jog some memories, perhaps some of you will remember the kid, who iin 1960, flew off the swing face first into the black top; since I remember very well walking past the entire group of kids, with my bleeding face, and heading to the infirmary to have my severe facial cuts stiched by the doctor on call.That's just one of the memories that I can easily share and another concerned my friendship with Zorro, the great Dane dog, that was kept at the right front of the building. I knew every nook and creaves of that building and surrounding area. Does anyone recall our efforts to create a GOLF COURSE, it was quite a chore. This note is tedious and has allowed me to make an initial burst of memories that I hope to communicate with others from that time and place. Should you read this and find that you relate, feel free to contact me at the following addy: guinever@dejazzd.c om - Regards to you, Dennis Michael Martin  (May 25, 2009 | post #1)