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Apr 7, 2007

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Toledo, OH

Teen charged with killing Toledo police officer

When you join the police force you know what you will be subjected to out in the streets ahead of time.You also know that the institutions they send convicts to make them worse you can thank your govt for that.the schools in this town are a joke since the 1950's and there are limited jobs for uneducated city kids in the central city.The city officials keep the drug traffic confined to the inner city unchecked so it does not expand to your suburban city How are the poor uneducated going to survive and eat they go into buisness themselves selling the drugs the rich bring in.The inmates make the wardens rich with federal money sent per inmate.i smell SCAM who are the law makers ( our hero's )who changed the law so parents cant chatise thir kids when they test you.some cops are hero's but not all.why doesn't the media get all excited when normal and sometimes innocent people die at the hands of over zealous cops who hate poor city people who break trffick laws or catch young adventurous kids sneaking out after curfew in this supposed free country  (Apr 7, 2007 | post #6)

Toledo, OH

Teen charged with killing Toledo police officer

we dont want suburban out of state john wayne wackos from bedford using entrapment and lies to put poor kids in prison.both police had guns what was a scared kid to do he ran in respect of the officer and officer gave chase to ensure quota.we dont want curfews people should be free in their own neiborhoods we dont need church,bring back the paddle in the schools bring back the good schools that used to be in toledo when the wealthy lived here  (Apr 7, 2007 | post #5)

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