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Jul 6, 2008

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The map app they're using might be fixed by the software vendor who may have built into the software application automated compatibility with USPS-based address updates (the monthly ZIP + 4 product and the EWS weekly update which most people don't know about, cited below) which Map Quest, and other map apps might use. You don't even need the more expensive real-time Delivery Point Validation. Governments may get the same info directly from the counties but it may not be standardized. Bob Fletcher has the insight to identify the problems. We should all thank Sheriff Fletcher for addressing software failure in the Ramsey county Emergency Communications Center. Nobody is saying let's render Bob Fletcher's face in the next St. Paul fireworks display, but let's recognize his good intention. It is not ego. It is responsibility. http://ribbs.usps. gov/brochures/cass / "Early Warning System (EWS) – EWS is a file that lists by ZIP Code new street names that are not yet available within the ZIP + 4 product. Today, ZIP + 4 product is extracted from the Address Management System (AMS) approximately 30 days before its “official” release date. New streets that are activated after extract of the monthly ZIP + 4 product release are not accessible to address matching products until a subsequent product release. If a valid address is updated with erroneous match results, the address will remain incorrect unless there is manual intervention. Published weekly, the EWS file prevents potential miscodes of new streets that are added to the ZIP + 4 database between the monthly scheduled updates." Jamie  (Jul 6, 2008 | post #11)