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Mar 18, 2011

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Forest City, NC

Job loss at the Facebook jobsite

Whats up with all the jobloss that is occuring at the Facebook jobsite?I personally know two of the local men,who were worked less than 2 weeks and then laidoff unexpectedly.I know of these men because I gave birth to them.The younger of the two gave up his classes at ICC,to go to work for DPR/FORTIS Construction Co.....There was a Man that went to ICC that represented this jobsite,encouraging the young men to apply for varoius job duties at the jobsite....several gave up their schooling to do so,only to be laid off.Now it would be really interesting to know just how MANY LOCALS WERE HIRED AND THEN LET GO...Dont seem to me that they are doing what was presented to us by News coverage,etc.Hiring our locals and boosting the economy in Rutherford County?????????/ Yea sure,if you consider working our locals less than 2 weeks good for the economy!!!!!!!!!!Would LOVE to hear from others on this.Especially if you know someone this happened to.My understanding is that there was a LIST with names on it that were losing their jobs........Its sad that my son is out of a job and cannot return to class until the Fall!  (Mar 19, 2011 | post #1)