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Oct 27, 2013

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Lamesa, TX

Larry Aten

Just saying, that no matter how much " growing up" this jackass says he did it wouldnt have mattered if he had decided to run his mouth to Larry's face. Even when the man was sick he would have mopped the shop with him. And lets not even debate what wouldve happened had larry been healthy. Ive personally witnessed larry's good natured ribbing of alot of the sons of Britt workers, Pastor Britt included, and it was nothing but good natured fun. To all except Mr. Entitled here. If youre so grown up and badass then why hide behind your ANTI ATEN screenname. I mean you supposedly "fired him" right? Well he got his pay doubled and Grimmett Bros. allowed him to use his dump trucks on top of that. But lazy thieves get their pay doubled all the time to come work for the competition right? As for the rest of you, Night Ranger mostly, if youre going to make comments like that about someone just dying, maybe you could also use a real name. I absolutely hate chatrooms and b.s. like this but when I find stuff like this on the internet just searching for his class photo, thats wrong. And notice I used my real name. This man was the glue that held his family together, was he perfect? No, but who of us is. He was a loving, kind and generous man who we all loved dearly. He was raised to work hard, and never back down from anyone or anything. He expected the same of everyone and he usually got it. If he didnt get it then thats why he treated any of you less than nice. However, if you were hard workers, and did your job you wouldve liked him. So what does that say about yourselves. Before making hateful remarks about someone just remember that they have children and family that might read what your idiotic, cowardly ass puts on the Internet. Just know that karma is real and noone is above it. GOD BLESS  (Oct 29, 2013 | post #28)

Lamesa, TX

Larry Aten

Well I guess these were posted a long time ago, however, I saw you Chance Britt, at Larry's funeral shaking hands and hugging family. THEN when I saw you in Lubbock you ACTED remorseful for the man. Larry Aten was a hard working man and as most hard working men are, they expect the same from their workers. Which explains his dislike of lazy people such as yourself. 1. You had neither the balls, NOR the power to fire Larry. 2. You never decided to talk shit about the man until he was dying. 3. Your father respected the man, as should people like you who ended up profiting from his hard work and dedication to your family's company. Now, should you decide to say aanything else or run your mouth behind a fake name, ill post pictures of this to your FaceBook page since your such a true christian. You post scriptures and say god bless to everyone everyday yet you hide in the dark to expose your true self. If you've got anything else to say about the man who raised me then youve got my number.  (Oct 28, 2013 | post #25)