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Feb 10, 2007

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Public doesn't grasp industry challenges 11:01 Am CST

Maybe they're right. We don't understand about all the breaks and incentives Uncle S. gives them. We don't understand how a company can be swimming in pools of money, yet complain that they can't get what they want in Washington. We don't understand how companies can continue to pollute the air and lobby for little or no CO2 restrictions. It is mind-boggling.  (Feb 15, 2007 | post #3)


Coal-fired generators will cost millions more

Hey. I used to live in Charlotte, but now I'm in Texas. TXU and a couple of other energy companies are pushing to build 18 new coal-fired plants. Why? Because coal is plentiful, cheap and profitable. TXU plans to use lignite, which is the dirtiest coal. Their campaign claims that they will use "clean coal technology" (not IGCC). There are a lot of people fighting this down here. If these energy companies really want to lower their carbon footprint, they'd consider other options (renewables, nuclear, conservation, IGCC).  (Feb 10, 2007 | post #3)

McKinney, TX

TARP -- How urgent? At what cost?

Recently, I received two propaganda mailers from "TARP." TARP is Texans for Reliable Power. I might add, "reliable at any costs." Funded in large part by TXU, the group claims that "Something Must Be Done...Now!" This is the same tactic that many politicians use to incite the public to jump on board. One of their board of directors, Fairfield Mayor Roy Hill, has had a long-standing relationship with TXU and wants to bring more coal business to Freestone County. Of course he'd like public support, and one has to wonder what kind of support he's receiving from TXU. Sure. I believe that TXU will cut emissions by 20 percent. But how much of the emission cuts will be the result of shutting down existing natural gas-fired plants? After the 858-megawatt coal plant is built at the proposed Valley Unit, the three existing gas-fired units will be shut down. Funny, I thought we needed ADDITIONAL energy. We have to question the urgency in this campaign. Remember that Governor Perry originally fast tracked these permits in response to the supply problems with natural gas after Hurricane Katrina. It behooves the energy companies to build new coal plants because coal is readily available and, at this point in time, more profitable than coal. Moreover, coal plants built before new emission standards are passed by Congress means the possibility of being grandfathered in. The all-coal solution to the energy crisis we didn't even know we had should raise some eyebrows. As Texans, we cannot continue to spew more than our share of pollutants. Building 18 additional coal plants is environmentally irresponsible. Coal is cheap, but it is dirty. It is profitable, but only for the energy companies who use coal. The rest of us will have to pay--so will our children and grandchildren. I'd like to know where TARP gets their "statistics " from. According to a study done by the nonprofit Environmental Integrity Project released last July, Texas is home to several of the nation's dirtiest coal plants. TXU's Martin Lake plant tops the list for mercury emissions. And it is common knowledge that Texas is the largest contributor of greenhouse gases. We cannot in good conscience exacerbate the global warming problem (yes, Virginia, there really is such thing as global warming). As Texans, we can't continue with our gluttonous energy consumption. We need to have a progressive, forward-thinking plan. Not only to power Texas, but also for our transportation needs. A mix of renewables, nuclear, conservation and fossil fuels would be a fair and responsible compromise. Texans are too smart to believe that the only solution to this "dire crisis" is slapping up more dirty coals plants.  (Feb 10, 2007 | post #1)

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