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Dec 17, 2012

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Hornchurch artist Debby Kirby to exhibit 'Chinese Vibes' ...

thank you Franco do you like art too thank you for taking the time to check my work out love and peace Debby xx i have a wonderful Valentines print for sale this week only check it out http://debbykirby.  (Feb 7, 2013 | post #9)

Chinese Vibes #2 Exhibition Queens Theatre Hornchurch D...

Debby Kirby Local Artist to hold her Second Exhibition in 2 months.The show which will include Debby's Popular Chinese Watercolors with a western Twist will form the basis of a NEW series from her successful and highly collectable Chinese Vibes Series.Debby Uses Ancient methods,Chinese brush, Watercolor and Inkstick to achieve beautifully fluid and spiritual, paintings that appear simple , yet stylish; by painting in a LESS is MORE genre."It takes a lot of self discipline to 'walk away' from a piece". says Debby . "It is the art of simplicity that makes these paintings very unique". The Show will Run for two Weeks at the Queens from Monday 14th January 2013 till the 27th inclusive.Opening hours are MON-SAT 10.00AM -11.00PM and Sunday 6.30PM -10.30PM. All Debby's work will be available FOR SALE and there will be a silent Auction to raise funds for Local Children's Charities For more information,You can visit her online Gallery http://mad-artist. or contact her direct on 01708 444028.  (Jan 2, 2013 | post #1)

Gun Laws Antiquated or still valid?

In a society where it has become acceptable to carry powerful Fire arms as standard; do we need to address the issue and take this issue to congress and get a bill passed to prohibit everyday citizens from obtaining guns?Why does America use this old law in the constitution to allow this so called FREEDOM?.I am an Artist and write and feel there should be a public vote to stop this law being abused. We owe it to those poor little Innocents to DO SOMETHING NOW not just in America but world wide.What is your opinion? I personally feel too many innocent lives have been taken over this freedom.  (Dec 17, 2012 | post #1)

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Art for The Sandy Hook Elementary School

Hey every one .I am an Artist and writer and have always worked towards peace and love around the world.My art is based on spiritual healing and color therapy.I am Half American and have Family living at Westchester and all over.I have worked in America for TV, Radio and press and The Massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary, has left me in total shock, horror disbelief and anger that so many innocents lives where taken in seconds.I am a mom of 3 children and my prayers and blessings and thoughts are for each and very one of those citizens.I have decided to DONATE and GIFT The school with a painting in Chinese Watercolor called "Little child with A Red balloon.I am hoping to present this to the residents in the near future and will be working together with my local Newspaper The Romford Recorder to raise funds through the sale of a print of the same picture. ALL funds will go to the school to pay for counselling or any thing the school needs.I am an Artist who works very closely with the community and have donated a painting to the London borough Of Havering for the Central Library Romford for the Children's library section encouraging the children to read more books.I also Campaigned about the gun laws many years ago stating that the right to bear arms was outdated and when something like the recent horror of having babies shot,Well; i just had to step in and do something.I am an advocate for peace and love, My mantra is: love is the key.I hope and pray that my painting will heal the folks in Connecticut and raise awareness.There is an address where you can mail cards and letters of condolence and i promised the folks there i would do any thing in my power to help; so if you would like to send a prayer or a kind word to these poor parents this is the direct address : Sandy Hook Elementary School,12 Dickenson Drive, Sandy Hook,CT 06489.I hope and Pray that the laws will be changed, Immeadiately we owe it to those beautiful children who have been robbed of their futures and ENSURE no more little angels have to suffer such cruel and callous deaths.Peace and love Debby kirby, Artist and writer.Remember love is the Key God bless xx  (Dec 17, 2012 | post #1)