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Oct 13, 2013

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Pre-Diabetic ectomorph looking for healthy way low carb d...

I'm only 31, skinny at 6'0 160lbs, and borderline pre-diabetic (Lame term for you're on your way to Type 2), with an A1C of 5.6. My morning levels range from 95-115. My doc give me a BG monitor and told me to get on low carb diet. My numbers are pretty good since modifying diet which consisted of fast food and soda. Doc tells me it's more genetics than anything since I have a grandma with Type 2. I test pre & post meals. Anyways, I'm looking to gain mass, my ideal weight is to be 175-185 mainly muscle. I just started working out a few weeks ago and already notice a difference in tone. I plan only to use barbell compound exercises (db shoulder press, db curl, db shrugs, etc...) and push-ups. Can anyone recommend a low carb diet with high calories? Or anything that would work for someone with my condition. So far from researching these boards I found that these might help but would like second onionskin on others who understand. Doc tells me to exercise and lose weight? Lol....I cant afford to lose weight, I'm already a skinny ectomorph (thin wrist, skinny arms). From my research online to stop progression to full blown Type 2, I must lose 10% of body weight and exercise. If I walked around at 144lbs at 6'0 tall, I would look like a sack of bones. Here's what I found so far, so let me know if these are good choices for my diet. Also is it safe to consume 3500-4500 calories a day eating food below? My latest kindey, liver, pancrease, cbc, lipid panels are normal. all sorts of nuts and nut butters cheese, cream cheese avocados butter bacon mayonnaise apple juice whey milk?? any kind in particular? nonfat yougurt some fruit Tuna or most any fish. Cottage cheese. Eggs (especially the whites). Chicken breast (boneless skinless). Turkey breast (boneless skinless). Lean beef. Low fat or no fat cheese. Low fat pork. Milk protein isolate. Whey protein. Soy protein. Omega 3 capsules Flax seed oil Primrose oil Borage oil Olive oil Peanut butter (as long as it does not contain hydrogenated oils). Egg yolks.  (Oct 13, 2013 | post #1)