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Jan 31, 2012


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Is there a Subtle Black Genocide Going On In the US ???

Talk to your hillbilly crew, if they stay put we'll Freeze, but if they wanna keep the same line then jump on a plane and head to wien schwechat you'll be safer there, the punk era is dead in america.  (7 hrs ago | post #556)


Is there a Subtle Black Genocide Going On In the US ???

Right now is payback time mr Flinstones call it what you want and just pray to god some other innocent don't get killed you might lose your doorstep let alone 2nd Amendment.  (8 hrs ago | post #554)


BLM torch French town

BLM lol, there's no BLM in France, the guy Is french born of Malian origin and died in the hands of police, but they pretend he died because of a disease he had, witnesses of his arrest said his white T shirt was full of blood stains. So his friends got Mad and are protesting violently.  (8 hrs ago | post #3)


Will Donald Trump be the next President of the United Sta...

Grab a seat and relax while you watch the clown go down in shame lol!  (8 hrs ago | post #2050)


Is there a Subtle Black Genocide Going On In the US ???

I'm glad you reckon that fact mr Flinstones ! So when is your departure for apey? Lmbao !  (9 hrs ago | post #552)



I'm back, you thought I left hell No!  (9 hrs ago | post #1144)


Islam an empire of faith

Sorry I Thought it was Moses! Peace !  (9 hrs ago | post #7669)


Islam an empire of faith

Idiot the guy's father is a pure german and his mom's iranian, he was born and raised in Germany and had no ties with Islam or any terror group. And what are indigenous germans? Pagans, certainly not christians since Christianity was born in the middle east and brought to europe in order to civilize the most backward continent at that time. Stfu moron, punks like you are radicalizing young feebles minds by harassing them and you punks are responsible for all the hate crimes going on in America and around the world since 911.  (9 hrs ago | post #7668)


Islamists Behead Priest In France

Bwahahaha France will never say such idiotic fallacy, there is no stupid Trumpsnake living in france moron. In Fact France is more aware about Islam than America so no worries. An Islamic terrorist lol the guy never read the Qur'an Was 19 years of age, he was on the watch list and attempted to get to Syria twice, he was under age at his first attempt and the jugdes prefered to put him under surveillance rather than lock him up. So our judicial system is not in adequation with the Situation. If you want war just grab a gun and go after muslims, that will definatelly your LAST mistake hillbilly boy we are waiting on punks your kind to make that mistake, you sure are going to find out what a muslim is all about and at your own expense So throw them dices and take your chances dykhead!  (9 hrs ago | post #2)


Is there a Subtle Black Genocide Going On In the US ???

And I doubt life will be pleasant for you as well unless you change your arrogant behavior none of you racists punk will ever feel safe in America, the black angel is Back. No racists no extremists are at home in America and it's about time you people seek some safe heavens elsewhere, Austria is the last Nazi nest in the world they'll be glad to have you there.  (9 hrs ago | post #550)


Is there a Subtle Black Genocide Going On In the US ???

Freed them then they got segragated and now they're Getting killed unarmed and as innocents. Great advancement thank you mr Flinstones !  (Tuesday | post #540)


Black therapist with hands up shot by cops while helping ...

Of course you forgot to mention them 5 WASP he smoked were victims of the action of others WASP in uniforms. Yep we'd like to keep it that way from now on, an Action immediately followed by a reaction. That'll make everyone happy lol.  (Monday Jul 25 | post #171)


Shoot all whites

Why is that mr Flinstones? How does it feel to be a pray in a land your forefathers have stolen from others huh? Demonized lmbao !  (Monday Jul 25 | post #72)



I just hope mr Flinstones here took his own life by now lmbao !  (Monday Jul 25 | post #1143)


Africans discovered the AMERICA before Columbus!

C/S !  (Monday Jul 25 | post #8579)

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