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Jan 31, 2012


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If the real Jews are Black

Would this army be? Under the United Moslem nations, with the help of the Arab ligue and the Islamic bank. Now that's a great solution an anti-ISIS Islamic army, capable of defeating ISIS both ideologically and military.  (Tuesday Feb 7 | post #852)


Islam shares long tradition in Toledo area

Where in Houston? Adress please, Southwest Houston? On Richmond or westheimer?  (Tuesday Feb 7 | post #509)


Question About Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade

Yes and I really meant it, Islam Is more black spirituality than it is Arab, when I first got to Mali, my people told me that we knew the Koran much better than the Arabs, I laughed at them at first, but now I fully understand why, Kemet had religious texts very similar to the Koranic poetry, and they prayed exactly as moslems do, genuflexion and prosternation, the interior of their chapels as were exactly like inside mosques, Africans are a lot closer to what real Islam Is than Arabs whom have a heard time understanding it and misinterpreting it You'd need to come and observe Islam in West Africa, you'll find out that Islam Is the most peaceful religion and very tolerant, and open minded, joyfull, clean and pure, don't be manipulated in that wasp matrix, come to the motherland and discover ISLAM OF LIGHTS AND WONDERS, the Islam that will enable you to open many doors. I know what goes on in America, Christian integrists are working hard to twist it, beware. .  (Tuesday Feb 7 | post #82)



Good farmers submitted to a permafrost? Shut up, extensive farming wasn't possible in europe and Europeans couldn't stand the scorching heat down south, none of Europeans knew how to grow rice, peanuts tobacco, they didn't have that type of seeds in europe then, only West African farmers knew how to grow them in tropical and sub tropical regions. Why would anyone go that far to invest in slaves if there wasn't a darn good reason for it? America wouldn't have been a rich country without the Africa contribution and you people know it damn well.  (Tuesday Feb 7 | post #2034)


SPECIAL REPORT : most FOOD STAMP & WELFARE Recipients are...

Sure , have you ever read any kamite scripture about lybians, of course not, kamites perceived the West as the hostile part of the world, they've seen the changes that went on in North Africa, their brothers were slowly replaced by black people. Kamites never mentioned any non-black prior to those they call the lebu. And our griots accounts of African history is exactly the same story, it's much more logical than the nonsense you're spewing about whiteys being there on a sort of expedition 35k years ago, lol, your story is a well known hoax and has been Debunked, Punked and rejected by all African scientists as expected, so unless you got real evidence with the approval of 7 African scholars then and only then will your story be taken into consideration, until then. Finally the Koran wasn't altered a bit, not even a coma was misplaced, now if you want to add the Hadiths literature, just few of them are worth reading, most of it is garbage.  (Tuesday Feb 7 | post #445)


Trump's first two weeks....

That would be nice but it's unconstitutional.  (Monday Feb 6 | post #92)


I need proof that the Ancient Egyptians Were Not Black

Coming from some masked white supremacist lmbao. Shut the heck fool.  (Monday Feb 6 | post #37096)


If the real Jews are Black

Nope, every moslem country should make both human and financial sacrifice, it should be like the UN type of army with mandates according to Koranic laws.  (Monday Feb 6 | post #848)


Question About Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade

Kamites used to pray exactly like moslems do today, and their religious text are very similar to the Koranic texts, how is that?  (Monday Feb 6 | post #78)

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