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Nov 4, 2013

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Dentist in Costa Rica

Dr. Marco at the Cavellini clinic does zirconium implants. The final crowns are porcelain coated zirconium for a totally metal free restoration.w  (Jun 5, 2014 | post #5656)

Dentist in Costa Rica

I'm back home after my first Cavellini experience. There have been a number of recent detailed positive posts about experiences at the Cavellini clinic and I'll try not to duplicate them. Tooth extraction and implant placement were painless and rapid (2 hrs 7 implants 5 extractions). Difficulties arose with preparing the temporary (provisional) teeth that I'd go home with. I have a problematic bite and adjusting the bite took 3 appointments and the removal of a lot of plastic from the provisionals. This appeared to have weakened the provisionals because they cracked soon after they were glued in with permanent adhesive. Dr. Marco and staff were very responsive and I had a new set within a business day. I'm a little concerned that one of the implants may have been compromised by the drilling and pounding needed to remove the cracked provisional. The plastic teeth have already chipped in a couple of places but I'm chewing well and have been getting complements on my teeth. Dr. Marco said that the permanent crowns could be placed in 2 months but I'll play it safe and return in 4 or 5 months. My first set of temporary teeth appeared to be too long, a not uncommon complaint at the Cavellini clinic. At my request, the next set they made were not as long. I noticed that I had to smile big for my upper teeth to show, a grin would no longer do it. After a eureka moment, I realized that the length of my natural teeth consisted of the tooth surface plus a fair amount of exposed root. In the first set of Cavellini teeth, the length of the tooth surface equaled the total length of tooth surface plus exposed root of my natural teeth. So, with the Cavellini teeth, I no longer had ugly exposed roots but the teeth looked significantly longer. I think that I'll split the difference when I return for my permanent teeth. For those of you who have extra time in CR, the site m lists families/retirees/ etc. who are willing to share their houses/apts for a minimal fee. Many have private baths and include some meals.  (Feb 25, 2014 | post #5343)

Dentist in Costa Rica

Hello all: I've been reading posts on this site and talking with patients of a number of the dentists mentioned on this forum. After a slew of positive reviews, I've made my decision to go to Costa Rica, probably in early Jan. I need a complete renovation of my upper arch. I currently have an implant (bilateral first molar) stabilized partial but have recently lost additional teeth. Four of my anterior teeth can be crowned but the rest need to be replaced. Gums are healthy. My list got winnowed down to Cavellini for cost and sheer number of implants performed and Obando for TLC, expectation of post-procedure responsiveness and waiting time. I emailed a panorex and photos and requested estimates for 7 implants and 4 crowns on my maxillary arch and any alternative treatment plans the dentists thought advisable. I also have a loose implant crown and a 5 unit implant supported bridge with chipped porcelain on my mandibular arch. I'm awaiting estimates and will post "before" photos as soon as I set up a publicly accessible site.  (Nov 15, 2013 | post #4905)