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Dec 30, 2009

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Modesto, CA

Modesto's Calvary Temple Academy To Close

Pastors are supposed to have financial source of income outside of the church. The Church is not supposed to support the Pastor. When watching the man on You tube he does not bring a Bible. He turns his back to the congregation to read from the screen behind him on the wall. Then a woman that was clearly not his wife walked across the stage to do something and he verbally and visually coveted her behind. A True man of God does not behave that way. The mans completely obsessed with gay sex. I would not let my child near him. He teaches his congregation to raise an army for God. Were supposed to be Fishers of men. To teach Salvation not create a holy war with an army of teen agers without wisdom brought with age. This man needs to get away from the children. His building is devoid of th Holy Spirit. I can walk into any place of Worship to feel the Spirit of Jesus but there it is just a building. Also the women in the building show too much leg and cleavage. They wear too much perfume. A true AG church DOES NOT ALLOW THAT! This man is a fraud just like Joel Osteen. Satin knows every verse of the Bible just like anyone else. he will use men in these days as his tools to have souls surrender to him. The scene of the Gathering in the middle of the street was a very good example of disobeying Jesus. We were told not to pray like heathens in the streets. I'm going to post the video of the Sheriff speaking about the Murderers of Modesto. Your GOOD Paster has not made one tiny statement to the media regarding what has happened because the man does not care. He is a hypocrite and I see it plainly. But he sure has my Mother sucked in. I'm not going to anymore of the queer concerts they put on their either. No more men in womens clothing. NO more gnomes. AG does not allow that!  (Jan 1, 2010 | post #21)

Oakdale, CA


The facility for Oakdale is not to house living people. Fema was ordered by President Carter to purchase land across America for Morges, Cemetaries, Gas Chambers, and Concentration camps. However at the time America was in a better postion to feed prisioners. Today the best our country can do is bury the dead in plastic coffins that hold between 4 and five bodies stacked 15 high in the ground. On September 9Th 09 President Obama Ordered the 5th Army to be in charge of Homeland Security NORTHSTAR Command. This force will envolve NATO forces to round up Americans that refuse to disarm and surrender weapons. Currently in our Country there are 100,000 seperate Milita Forces ready for the Revolution in June.  (Dec 30, 2009 | post #16)