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Nov 2, 2011

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Kansas City, MO

Police fatally shoot burglary suspect, find two other peo...

Hey Mr cap-bustin "9" aficionado- i could mean 9mm could mean the M9 (i could mean the bayonet or the old standard 45 pistol) thank god you skeweled me, dog! Although you wouldn't have felt the need to if you actually read my post instead of being in buddy fudger mode all the time. Reread and look for what was implied. About YOUR WEAPON being discharged INTO the barrel of YOUR other weapon (?) and, not sure what else could be done for ya on this one. In the future I'll S P E L L everything out- including subtext, though subtext and subtle are antithetical to the type of blatant, bright colored clarity indicative of a condescending 3rd grade teacher. It's cool. Everyone remembers the last grade theys been educatin' in. . . Ands the last person who learnt them lessons real good. See, I'm jabbing and having fun, but you seem to think i'm a genuine idiot. And, to me anyway, that is so cool! Stay in your lane. . . Until next time!  (Dec 11, 2011 | post #11)

Kansas City, MO

Police fatally shoot burglary suspect, find two other peo...

you sound like some kind of "soldier of fortune" reading, semiliterate wanna-"banger " -windbag who knows they know very little of violence and brags about what is ultimately poor choice in weaponry b/c you watch too many Movies. I know, you just want to be like the other seemingly cool kids. Clearly your opinion is just inflammatory and worthless and ineffective like you would be with the spray and pray automatic .9mm you claim to love so much. Your profile reads like someone with a psychosexual disorder. . . The "shooter " you idolize is nothing but a coward who proved what happens when the civilian/geek world of FPS game "players " (like you tough guy) begin to take their character on Grand Theft Auto a little too seriously!  (Dec 10, 2011 | post #6)

Kansas City, MO

Police fatally shoot burglary suspect, find two other peo...

Uh, I'm not the biggest fan of law enforcement and I would love to know how many shots were fired and how many hit their mark b/c Police with weapons is a scary thing to a person with military training and experience utilizing firearms. However, all personal opinions aside, the officers Returned Fire! They fired in defense of themselves and their fellow officers. For that they should be commended for neutralizing the threat. I'm certain it is hard enough to live with without moronic citizens like yourself voicing their stupidity. It's just plain ignorant to say they should have turned their weapons on themselves. After hearing opinions like that, your parents have to wonder from time to time if abortions were REALLY too expensive way back when. . .  (Dec 8, 2011 | post #2)

Kansas City, MO

My wife Jennifer Thompson cheated on me while I'm deploye...

I am certainly sorry for your pain. I knew a lot of soldiers who came home to find their wives, gf's, fiancées had been unfaithful. Two were even served with papers while in Iraq; pulled off patrols for two days, flown to some JAG office, flown back out to sector and went about their jobs without any "help." Takes a heartless kind of person to cheat on the first place, but I do think there is a special spot in hell reserved for the whores who cheat on deployed service personnel. Rip her apart in court and leave her destitute. Wishing you the best of a crappy situation. Honor and Country  (Dec 7, 2011 | post #16)

Kansas City, MO

Teen tweeter won't apologize to Kan. governor

I am disappointed in any American institution (high school) that would attempt to infringe on the 1st Amendment rights of anyone in its charge. The district should be equally ashamed of itself for employing a principal who assisted government officials, or individuals acting in an official capacity, in their attempt to posture, intimidate and bully a student for speaking her mind. The principal should be fired and sued for defamation of character and harassment so that an example may be made of this "wish-I-was-a -politician-admini strator" who forgot the power and importance their allegiances generate without regard to character or constitutional integrity. At the very least the principal should write an apology to every student on the attendance roster of the school.  (Dec 7, 2011 | post #5)

Criminal Defense Law

Thought and Action: Why the former can't be punished

Ha! It's you tough people posting on a website that make me giggle the most. You and the deep running, thick-rooted hatred you harbor for yourself and your own homosexual tendencies turned a sophisticated article/story about perseverance, introspection and jurisprudence into an impotent call to ignorance! Good job. I think you have a reason within you to hate THAT much. . . to be THAT disgusted. I want to say that I am proud of and applaud the author and his boyfriend. Hate crimes legislation walks a fine line and while I wish more than anything to be able to provide equality AND protection, it pains me that we fall short of providing either. Thank you for sharing your story. Be well.  (Dec 7, 2011 | post #39)

Hillary Clinton

Obama, Clinton to world: Stop gay discrimination

In regard to any Christians trying to say they need safety from Muslims or any other group. . . Christians are still trying to keep homosexuals from achieving equality and I think any ONE group that can actively hate and discriminate against another group does not need any help from the government. Oh, and Muslims don't threaten your way of life. Every religion has their Fred Phelps. Those people are a disgrace to the religions they claim to represent.  (Dec 7, 2011 | post #193)

Gastonia, NC

Boy Suspended For Saying Teacher 'Cute'

Depending on the aesthetics in question the child may be in trouble. . . the teacher may have warranted a comment involving the manner in which a shotgun breaks over followed quickly by an emphatic description of how a screen door gets treated when the student leaves the house in an angst fueled rage. In which case discipline would be necessary because I am not raising an underachiever!  (Dec 7, 2011 | post #259)