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Nov 30, 2009

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Parsons, TN

re holly

After having read each posted comment carefully, does leave me with unanswered questions as they relate to the young lady`s odd disappearance . He watched her walk into the woods, with a male, who had his back towards him . He makes no attempt to determine, if his sister is with her boyfriend, or just who the male was . If the male had been A DARK SKIN BLACK MAN, walking his sister into the woods, I can only believe, he would have chosen to find out who this male was, and why are they going into the woods ? A racist view point ? NO ! Just a point of interest, trying to understanding how this brother,failed his younger sister, just because she was with an Anglo Saxon male, walking into the woods, near their home . HE wasn`t concerned, about her safety, welfare ? Have people and things changed that much in present day AMERICA ?  (Apr 19, 2011 | post #11)

Hartford, MI

Why Dowagiac ?

My Uncle and Aunt lived in Dowagiac, for many years, and loved the small country town feel of this then beautiful community . We visited often, and it was always a pleasant change from the big,fast pace city that was then becoming, over populated Miami, Florida, and is now saturated, beyond belief . ( Miami ) Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Mattie Mae Jackson, loved Dowagiac, had there own home on a dirt road, with a garden, chickens, roosters, dogs were used Uncle Jimmy`s for hunting and Aunt Mat, would drive her Chevrolet to go ice fishing . The only Black Lady, i ever saw, or knew that would ice fish, and she loved those winter, just waiting to catch her share. They are both now deceased, and buried in Dowagiac. Aunt Mat, would take me to some of the well to do Anglo homes, and introduce me to her many employers, and oftentimes we would be allowed to pick some apples from those orchards, by those nice families . The apple cider is among the best in the world, from my taste buds. Uncle Jimmy, also has a side job of picking up garbage from some of the major businesses, with his large truck, and I had the chance to help him on his garbage runs, which was always fun, and money was earned . The PEOPLE in that community were always nice from that long ago era . Would highly recommend moving to this little city . My Aunt Mat, would travel to Cleveland, Ohio, for any serious medical problem, once she had become an old Lady, during her youth, she was treated locally. This is a sincere recommendation based upon my visits to this city during the 1980`s and early 90`s, after having read each of the comments in this section . -----Good Luck on Your Choice.  (Feb 2, 2011 | post #20)

Hartford, MI

Death Penalty - Hartford, MI

He shopped for his weapon of choice . He had one or more extra magazines,for the gun . Previously, he put a question to Congresswoman Giffords,at an earlier meeting she held in the state .A question about our government, which she did not answer . Did he walk away from that event with intent to do her harm ? I don`t know . He had a plan to kill, with malice. Insane ? No ! His plan was to well crafted. His motives are not all known . He MURDERED 6 Human Beings, one of those being a 9 year old child, and injured 14 others . He should not be with terry nichols, or sirhan sirhan, death by the worst method known is to good for this, ( EVERY TIME YOU SEE A PHOTO OF HIM, IT ONE THAT SHOWS HIM LOOKING AS IF HE IS INSANE ) piece of poor excuse for a human being . The death of this child, who left home with a family friend to attend this government function in a free society,for a free people, having great expectations of possibly a life just as the congresswoman, she went to see ans hear, will never realize her dreams,nor did she return home safely to her parents as ( i am thinking ) was promised . There are many other reason to put him to death immediately .  (Jan 27, 2011 | post #1)