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May 9, 2013

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Macgo Christmas celebration with product giveaway

In order to celebrate the upcoming Christmas, Macgo Mac Blu-ray Player offers big discount on this with all of its products at 33% off price. The most big one is the Mac iPhone Data Recovery which is free to get now. It can get back Photos, Contacts, Messages and Phone you lost or deleted data from your iOS devices, iPhone / iPad/ iPod touch on Mac OS. http://www.macblur -christmas-promoti on.htm There are several other products available on giveaway within the following two weeks, so keep your eyes on!  (Dec 4, 2014 | post #1)

Utica, NY

First Tizen System Phone is Coming

Although the status of Samsung is unshakeable in Android, in order to prevent one day Google undercutting, Samsung has united Intel to jointly develop the Tizen operating system for a rainy day. There is no clear answer about the exact time when the first mobile phone equipped with Tizen system will be released to market, but it was reported earlier that SGH - N055 is the first Tizen phone model. In addition, according to media reports, a few days ago when Tizen developers discussed about a bug in the BBS, a developer from Japan said "DoCoMo version of SGH - N005 hasn't encountered this problem" in the comments, which means the first Tizen phone prototype has already been testing now in Japan operator NTT DoCoMo internally. It shouldn’t be long to launch. In the early days, it has been reported that the first Tizen will be landing to five countries, including Japan in October. There are also reports that Samsung will officially release Tizen mobile phone at the first global developer conference that will be held at the end of October. The official time to market was set for November or December this year, aiming at the end of the year's shopping season. Even though the specification of first Tizen mobile phone is unclear, considering Japan being one of the starting areas, we can expect the first Tizen mobile phone will have some common features in Japanese area such as waterproof and dustproof. The most advanced mobile phone operating system is iOS until now which is applied to Apple products iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Besides its faster fun, multifunctions and good user experience, the accessibility to Blu-ray is also a major bright spot. Maybe AirX is a brand new word and technology to many Android OS users, but it is not strange at all to Apple fans because of Macgo Mac Blu-ray player which is the world’s first and best Blu-ray player software and could play almost all the media formats on Mac and PC. The splendidness is far more than that. AirX is the core technology in Mac Blu-ray Player 2.0 serial versions which makes Blu-ray movie playable on your Apple mobile devices. So if you want to make the movies be shared between Mac/PC and iPhone/iPad/iPod touch, please visit more details here http://www.macblur makes-blu-ray-play able-on-iphone-ipa d-ipod-touch.htm  (Aug 27, 2013 | post #1)

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Things you did not know VLC media player can do!

I also know it is a free software to play Blu-ray on Mac but not so function completely so I recommend a substitute named Macgo Mac Blu-ray Player. Download a free trial version here http://www.macblur oad.htm  (Aug 6, 2013 | post #3)

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Watch Blu-ray movies on PlayBook with best HD video quality

I really try this Mac Blu-ray Player released by Macgo. I can only say it surprised me and good job. http://www.macblur  (Aug 6, 2013 | post #4)