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Apr 30, 2009

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Tuscaloosa Father Arrested For Felony Abuse Of His Son

david marr .age 60years old born 1948. went to a strict catholic school. in wrexham run by nuns and priests .father eliott my mentor.he was the headmaster .of the [email protected] ps i deserved all my punishmints at home and at schoolat at the priests house to .i was a wild schoolboy.the naughtiest boy in wrexham .the priest father eliott said to my mother .when all other solutions have failed .leve david with me at weekends .mother agreed i was unruly.father eliott said david is in need of the most severe discipline the school i can punish david if and when i want. at the weekends you have to be stricter at home. or david can stay with me at weekends at the church house i am skilled at disciplining bad boys.mother said take david after school on fridays until sunday night bring david home about 6 or 7pm to give david time to be ready for school .next day at father eliott would take me in his office to see how red and welted my bottom was after the weekend caning sessions he gave me .see me after school david father eliott would say now go .most days i got punishment being a wild child.i was thankfull sombody cared to teach me a lesson.for being folish and a badboy .david marr [email protected]  (Apr 30, 2009 | post #2)