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Jul 27, 2012

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Oak Creek, WI

Verlo Mattress Factory is the worst place to buy a mattress.

The worst experience with Verlo Mattress Factory I have had it with Verlo Mattress Factory! On 7/29/04, I walked into the Verlo Mattress Factory showroom and made a HUGE mistake. I asked for the top of line, the very best mattress and box spring set they had. The salesman, without asking me any questions about what I like in a mattress, or asking me a series of questions to make sure I was getting the right mattress for me, which I now know should be standard practice, simply pointed to the most expensive set in the showroom at the time. I paid my $2800.00 and waited for delivery. The mattress was delivered and my problems started. The delivery team had no idea what was going on and were not careful with the box spring. After a few months of not liking the comfort I found out they actually broke it and never told me. Over the last 4 years, I have had a Verlo representative at my house 7 times. I've had the broken box spring, shifting materials making the mattress very uncomfortable, broken springs in the mattress, weakening of support, major wear and dipping, no matter how often I rotate and flip, and more. During one of the visits the drivers came to the conclusion that the mattress was broke again. So the driver took the mattress and returned it fixed, then to only figure out in a month the mattress wasn't the problem it was the box-spring that failed again. Each of these problems warranted a replacement mattress under their guarantee, but Verlo Mattress Factory insisted that each problem was "an easy fix," and would actually argue with me. I'm not the one that built the crappy mattress, stand by your work! I would expect problems like this from a cheap, no-name company, but Verlo Mattress Factory is supposed to be one of the best. For a company that charges top prices, I would expect a good, quality product and much better customer service. This is what will really piss you off at Verlo Mattress Factory. When you complain about the mattress failing or dipping on one side or the other this is how bad it must get before Verlo will respond. Verlo's has a minimum requirement on sagging, it is 3" from one side to the other. Think about that, try and sleep on a mattress that is sagging 2 1/2". It will seem like your falling off the mattress and on to the floor all the time. This is a game Verlo plays to stall you out. Do yourself a favor and stay away from Verlo Mattress Factory and their defective mattress sets.  (Oct 24, 2012 | post #1)

West Chicago, IL

Buyer Beware Of Chicago Cars Direct, Worst Dealership, ST...

Buyer Beware Chicago Cars Direct, Worst Dealership. Poor Customer Service Chicago Cars Direct Worst Dealership. What is wrong with the horrible customer service from Chicago Car Dealerships? The worst dealership around is Chicago Cars Direct, terrible customer service doesn't even begin to point it out. For a small dealership that has maybe 30 cars tucked in a garage in the middle of nowhere, you would think they would highly depend on being courteous to potential buyers. Made an appt. to see a car we were very interested in purchasing, had the owner that was using it bring it to the building for us, and started our 2 hour journey. When we got there, Christine told us she just sold it to someone else. Don't believe them when they say they are different and are honest. They are just like the rest. No respect or loyalty, just money hungry. STAY AWAY FROM THIS DEALERSHIP. Then to find out this is the second time this very car had been on their lot, clearly there were problems and the first buyer unloaded it quick. Nothing but cleaned up chicago junkers, save your money and time and buy elsewhere. I have read several other bad reveiws regardiing this company. Mark Kanter the owner is not a man of is word and will lie to cover up is poor service and crookedness. Lastly DO NOT TRUST these websites like DealerRater, nothing but a scam. This website will never allow you to post the truth about this dealership. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND DON'T BE TAKEN OR RIPPED OFF BY CHICAGO CARS DIRECT.  (Oct 8, 2012 | post #1)

West Chicago, IL

Chicago Motor Cars gets sued for over $50,000.00, fraud a... /SL600/Chicago_Mot or_Cars_Law_Suit_1 .pdf Watch out for this dealership unless you want to throw your money away. Check out this lawsuit from Dupage Courthouse; it just shows that these aren't just little games these guys are playing to sell cars, they are deliberately out to rip you off. It certainly wan't an accident that VIN #s didn't match. I wonder what part of the car only had 29000 miles, since the engine had 89000. Not to mention, the car was advertised as not being involved in any accidents. Hmmm, then why would there be a salvage title assigned? This is not an oversight, this was intentional! There is no way they did not know the history of the car prior to purchasing it themselves and reselling. To think, not only is this company still in business, but the owner/salesman that sold this car is still in charge. I'm not sure how anybody would feel comfortable enough to buy a car from them.  (Jul 27, 2012 | post #1)