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May 8, 2014

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Quadraplegic 'disgusted' after airline refuses to stow hi...

My question to this gentleman is why did you book with Airasia when the airline clearly states the following on their web booking site: FAQ's Can I bring my wheelchair on board? No, wheelchairs have to be checked-in and will be accepted free of charge with no additional baggage charges incurred. However, you may continue to use your wheelchair up to the aircraft door/ passenger steps after which it must be given to our staff to be loaded in the aircraft hold. We strongly encourage you to check-in your wheelchair in and use the one provided by us as some countries have strict health and safety regulations that do not allow staff to to lift heavy items. Please refer here for our guide to pre-book Special Needs : m/ask/ id=690&name=Pr ebook+special+need s+assistance+(whee lchair+service)+on line *Please note that battery operated wheelchairs or other battery-powered mobility devices will not be accepted. You can't accuse the airline of discrimination when their policy is clearly stated and applies to all prospective passengers with electric powered wheel chairs. I think this is a case of "we messed up with our booking and now I want someone to blame for our mistake". Did you read their Prebook special needs assistance advice? It would appear not. On the basis of the above policy I think wheel chair bound passengers are looked after very well......NO EXCESS LUGAGE CHARGE for a start and the use of a loan chair prior tp boarding.  (May 19, 2014 | post #1)

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In search of a mature Gay Group for mutual fun

I would like to make contact with a group of men in the 40 - 60 age range who want to enjoy mutual sex sessions. Can be one on one or enjoy as a group. Any guys interested?  (May 18, 2014 | post #1)