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Nov 25, 2009

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Buddy Holly

Still Here After All These Years

Hi, there Buddy may have died on that cold, snowy night in an Iowa farmer's field, but 50-plus years on his legacy is as strong as ever. Listening to his music today is for me like listening to his music when I was a young teenager. The years between have sped past but Buddy's music remains a constant. His influence on generations of musicians continues and will carry on for ever. And lovers of rock 'n' roll will always look to Buddy for everything that's good in music. It's this aura that I've tried to capture in a book that's just been published, called Somewhere In The Distance. It's set in the Sixties and tells the story of four friends growing up amid the turmoil of the decade - assassinations, the Vietnam War, political unrest and growing drugs use. Music plays a big part in the book, and in one chapter, dedicated to Buddy, the friends discuss what Buddy's music and his untimely death meant to them. Great guy, great music. He won't fade away! Thanks for looking in David Soulsby  (Nov 27, 2009 | post #1)