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Jan 29, 2011

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Do Black Women find Puerto Rican Men sexy?

all da fine ladies add me on facebook [email protected]  (Apr 21, 2011 | post #73)


How do you feel about Florida's skyrocketing Puerto Rican...

Florida is by far the state with the Fastest growing Puerto Rican population.. in 1980 there was about 50,000 of them in the state, in 1990 there was about 250,000 of them in the state, by 2000 there was well over 700,000 in the state, now in 2010 there is over 1,000,000 of them in the state... Many can be found throughout the state but the region most effected is the Central Florida/Orlando area.  (Apr 21, 2011 | post #1)

US Politics

Fellow Americans would you like Puerto Rico to...

independence  (Apr 21, 2011 | post #1)

What should the U.S. do with Iraq?

make them a territory!!  (Apr 21, 2011 | post #1)

Shuld DR aquire Puerto Rico from the US

were probably gunna be better with them anyways  (Apr 21, 2011 | post #1)

Puerto Rico

No More Colony: Independence or Statehood

all i have to say is that we need independence cuz the longer we stay with the U.S. the more our country gets messed up  (Apr 21, 2011 | post #5)

Puerto Rico

Puerto Ricans must unite, all 8 million of them

independence  (Feb 6, 2011 | post #54)

If PR and VI became free from US, should they unite?

yea they shud.. the nation would be called: Puerto Rico & the Virgin Islands  (Jan 30, 2011 | post #2)

Brooklyn, NY

Marijuana - Brooklyn, NY

WEED  (Jan 29, 2011 | post #42)

Philadelphia, PA

Marijuana - Philadelphia, PA

Legalize weed cuz alchoal and cigaretts are legal.. so why not weed  (Jan 29, 2011 | post #45)

Puerto Rico

Puerto Ricans starting to immigrate to Dominican Republic

Theres about 15,000 Puerto Ricans in the Dominican Republic. Why are we starting to immigrate to the DR?  (Jan 29, 2011 | post #1)

Are there any Puerto Ricans in the Dominican Republic?

There are Puerto Rican community on the South Coast(Santo Domingo, San Pedro de Macoris, and La Romana) Theres like around 15,000 Puerto Ricans in the whole country  (Jan 29, 2011 | post #3)


Are Puerto Ricans Black or White?

Sum are black, some are white, some are indian, some are asian, most are triracial or mulatto thou  (Jan 29, 2011 | post #2)