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Feb 5, 2013

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Social Media Monitoring In the F & B Industry - Is It Eno...

Hi, i have an interesting topic to share. I am from the F&B industry and during the past few years i have always thought that social media monitoring was a way for me to gather customer feedback the right way and respond to them via social media was enhancing my customer satisfaction. However i tend to notice that unhappy customers that have been to the restaurant tend to remain unhappy regardless of the apologies or what we may offer. It limits management with the ability to 'act'. Then lately one of my restaurants started using this new customer feedback tool called Geteco ( ) that essentially allows the customer to leave a comment (Speak into a mobile phone) and for management to directly respond to that. It all goes into a database and we can analyze feedback given on site. What this demonstrated to me was that customers prefer us to listen to them in real time and have management react on site rather than having to hear apologies on social media. It also allows for management to have better 1 on 1 customer interaction. So is Social Media Monitoring over hyped? Positive reviews increased so much so that i would be continuing implementation of the Geteco tool in my other restaurant chains. Just thought i would share my experience with others. Cheers :)  (Feb 5, 2013 | post #1)