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Feb 26, 2011

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Don't Asian men Like Skinny White Women?

I am a skinny female that once went out with a Pakistani student. He was great but since he finished college and returned to Pakistan I haven't met any new Asian boyfriends unfortunately. I think they must like fuller women, I have very small breasts he didn't seem to mind and was a considerate if not forceful lover. I know that there is quite a difference in cultures but I liked being taken charge of, although it did result in punishment if I was really naughty. Several times he would make me strip off and squat for ages with my hands behind my knees. This was bad enough but he would sometimes have me do this when members of his family were around and although my breasts are small he took the opportunity to grip my nipples, twisting and pulling them really hard, it hurt like mad but I also liked the sensation. On three occasions, once in front of three male "cousins " he pulled me up from squatting and bent me back over the table and proceeded to strap my chest with his belt and then lifted my legs making me hold them back against my burning chest while he gave my bits a real lashing stopping now and again to have a good look at the result. Sounds rough but I do miss him and his ways.  (Feb 20, 2013 | post #1)

Don't Asian men Like Skinny White Women?

I'm a skinny white woman, I once had a Pakistani boyfriend and I liked the way he treated me, very strict and if I was in trouble he would punish me, usually with a strap to my bare top and bits. It was always deserved and the only thing I didn't really like was if he chastised me with his family members present. He went back home when he finished college and I miss that strength of personality in the relationship. Haven't managed to meet another like him, I think they prefer bigger white girls.  (Feb 20, 2013 | post #1)

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Don't Asian Men Like Skinny White Women?

I once had a strict Asian boyfriend that certainly treated me differently from the rest, he would discipline me with some severity to my nipples and bits if I did anything wrong sometimes in front of his extended family. It was what was expected and I loved the relationship that was clearly defined. Shame he had to go back home after college. Haven't been able to meet one since...  (Feb 20, 2013 | post #1)