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Sep 7, 2011

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Celina, TN

Occupy Wall St - Celina, TN

It's funny that there are more support in word's than there are votes. Thous concluding that any form of support is being manipulated and opposed by only a few.....Too the few. We will find out who you are, We will win, Your number's don't support your cause. And traitor's to this cause Family's and themselves will be hung along with your 1% cronies of greed....As traitor's. America will live POWER TO THE PEOPLE!  (Nov 27, 2011 | post #62)

Rick Perry

Rick Perry: Washington is 'a seedy place'

Seedy Huh?? Reap what you sow.  (Sep 7, 2011 | post #158)

Cabot, AR

Homosexual Meteorologist of Arkansas

Arkansas's weather's Funny??  (Sep 7, 2011 | post #4)

Mesquite, TX


Some habit's were born with. Rock on!!!  (Sep 7, 2011 | post #2)

Mesquite, TX

Is it less wrong?

They call that P....Whiped! Do it again!!!  (Sep 7, 2011 | post #3)

Celina, TN

Brightness of the Rescue squad shines again

There doing fine by me!  (Sep 7, 2011 | post #17)

Scottsville, KY

Is it true

An endeavor too persevere.  (Sep 7, 2011 | post #60)

Scottsville, KY

Vampire Hunter

A meal on will.  (Sep 7, 2011 | post #4)

Benton, AR

shannon bickford-pittman

Upstanding!!  (Sep 7, 2011 | post #14)

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The Obama Cover Up - Things the Media Party won't tell you.

I can't wait!!!  (Sep 7, 2011 | post #15)

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Blaming Israel for carnage

But who start's it?  (Sep 7, 2011 | post #74517)

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Sheriff Joe Arpaio Probing Obama Birth Certificate 'Evide...

He's not even Human.  (Sep 7, 2011 | post #209)

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Looking for single woman 18+ to have fun with on pingchat...

There's Otherway's!  (Sep 7, 2011 | post #3)

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American Soldiers - Duty, Honor, Country

Yeah..I love the brainwashed!  (Sep 7, 2011 | post #2509)

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Atheism requires as much faith as religion?

Your belief's don't exist.  (Sep 7, 2011 | post #51516)

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