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Sep 2, 2010

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Afican American women should marry African men instead

If the an AA women dont mind an African man's 3 other wives  (Jan 19, 2012 | post #11512)


Is race mixing Bad?

Humans are already mixed  (Jan 19, 2012 | post #70)


Why are so many black men killing each other?

Gangster rap.It should be banned  (Aug 13, 2011 | post #50)


BM please Date on YOUR level..

Actually its BW that dont date on their level. BM are well known to seek out thugs and BMs with multiple baby mammas. A smart intelligent BM with no criminal record or babymammas doesnt have a chance  (Aug 12, 2011 | post #448)


Africans are jealous that AA have some White Blood

So you think Africans are jealous cause we inherited the White man's cancer cells  (Jul 25, 2011 | post #638)


Black seed + White Womb = Power!!!!!!!

Yeah, they make powerful babies. I see worn down White women with bad teeth strolling around their powerful babies all the time  (Jul 25, 2011 | post #14)


Pan African Ancient Egypt is an AA fantasy

2 things that make the Egyptians so-called Black people. 1. Head morphing or altering their heads from birth like the Mayans. There's African tribes in places like Mali that still do this technique. 2. Lips. Egyptians had lips. Its obvious in their drawings and statues. Europeans, even Arabs who really are Europeans too don't have lips Whites would rather accept Hollywood's Egypt and not the Egypt documented by archelogist and scholars  (Jul 25, 2011 | post #391)


Do you believe in Gay Marriage?

America is already the Wicked kingdom. Let gays get married  (Jul 19, 2011 | post #561)


"Driving Miss Mother F*ucking Daisy" Still Pisses Spike L...

I never saw Driving Miss Daisy Spike is the best film maker in history. He done movies with a prodominantly White cast like Summer Of Sam and 25th Hour. Hes done some films that had nothing to do with race relations like Inside Man and She's Got To Have it  (Jul 19, 2011 | post #22)


alright,question to ALL, even racists

A woman cant raise a man to be a man. Dudes who were raised by just mother are very emotional and seem to react off a hair trigger. They can easily get loud and obnoxious like a woman. A man should always use clear judgement and never overreact. But these BW want the social services that comes with having a child.  (Jul 18, 2011 | post #3)


I HAD A DREAm that i was Dating SERENA WIlliams

Serena Williams>> >>>> >>Angelina Jolie  (Jul 17, 2011 | post #259)


All non-blacks are racist.

Blacks were the original blueprint. Everyone else is an offspring. This is why the human race is in peril  (Jul 17, 2011 | post #9)


Tyler Perry, keep up the good work!

The Black man'd masculinity is under attack!!! Theres a reason people are saying Gay is the New Black. Yeah, Tyler is making lots of money , but remember Step-n-fetchit at one time made more money than the president of the United States  (Jul 17, 2011 | post #4)


DNA proves Indians never screwed blacks!

http://www.eiteljo ppening/exhibition s/details.asp?id=2 916 At the eiteljorg museum in Indianapolis they have the relationship of Blacks and Indians on display  (Jul 17, 2011 | post #290)