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May 30, 2011

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Proving Prides Corner Link to the execution of King Charl...

Prides need to prove it. A Call to Arms. Prides Corner Maine An Open Letter to Yahoo Group PRIDEs-of-NE, Westbrook Historical Society, and residents of Prides Corner Maine. Proving the hidden regicide link in Pride's Corner Maine's History with DNA. In 1649 Oliver Cromwell and General Thomas Pride beheaded King Charles 1st in a pivotal event in British History. It was the death of the absolute Monarchy. In Oliver Cromwell's words they … "Chopped off the Kings head with the Crown on it". General Thomas Pride had arrested one third of British Parliament the year before in "Prides Purge", which started the whole thing. He, and from the new model army roles, probably his sons, likely stood on the execution stage as Charles the first was publicly executed. After Cromwell died in 1659, the Monarchy was brought back as Charles 2nd. Cromwell's and four of is compatriots dead bodies were exhumed and hung from Tyburn bridge. There is some question as to whether it was his body however, Cromwell’s body was buried and reburied in several places to protect it from vengeful royalists. If they were that vengeful to the dead, you can imagine the plight of the living like Thomas Prides sons. General Thomas Prides's signature was prominent on the Death Warrant, he arrested parliament to begin the trial, the kings imprisonment was handled by the New Model army,… of which he and his sons were officers. Thirty-one of the fifty-nine Commissioners who had signed the death warrant were living when Charles 2 was crowned. They all fled or tried to flee. Four were murdered immediately, another eleven hunted down and killed within the year. Three are immortalized in New Haven, for sleeping in caves, and when they reemerged, the did so with assumed identities, false identities that they all kept until their death bed confessions decades later. The Prides were puritans and began settling in Mass in 1637. In 1727, when the Casco Bay treaty settled the area and brought law and local administration, Pride's begin to appear in the initial records in the area. There are confusing references to Births and Deaths in 1686 in Falmouth Maine, but back that far the records are not clear if indeed they were truthful at the time. There is an "old Mr Pride" referred to in a News article decades later, which would be near the right age. But DNA doesn't lie and it can uncover truths long hidden (or not). My father, Byron G Pride passed down an oral history to me some years ago, one that goes back generations in the Pride Family. That the Prides of Prides Corner were here because of these events. That the surviving Pride, with Red Coats hot on his heels, he ran down the pier, and dove off into the water and swam for what by luck was the last longboat to the ship sailing for America. He ultimately settled in hiding in the Prides Corner Area and begat us. If its true it is a HUGE piece of Americana. It would deserve a special parade down route 302 every fourth of july, with a showing of Oliver Cromwell movies all July 4th night at Prides Corner Drive in Theater !!! But pretty hard to conclusively confirm or deny,… until now. It will not be easy, but, can confirm or deny the link with enough Pride members submitting their DNA. Are you a Pride or a descendant of one? Willing to spend $99.00 to help do your part to add a foundation legend to American History? Go to register and share you DNA family history with other Prides (without medical stuff), you share just ancestry, altho getting your own private medical profile is also a gem of a value. Lets find out. Daniel Pride Prides Corner Maine  (Aug 7, 2013 | post #1)