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May 11, 2010

Daniel Stone Profile

Q & A with Daniel Stone


Get a life Creepy Tom.


Obsess over someone else Tom.


Won't you be my neighbour?

Local Favorites:

Paroose someone elses profile creepty Tom. Obsess over someone else.

I Belong To:

Eagle Hapkito Martial Arts, Krudar Muay Thai,

When I'm Not on Topix:

Working on my Thesis, or praticing Martial arts.

Read My Forum Posts Because:

Sometimes i have something interesting to say..LOL

I'm Listening To:

The Division Bell

Read This Book:

The Quran, and the Hadiths, It will really open your eyes and probably scare you

Favorite Things:

Music, Piano and Bass and Guitar.

On My Mind:

Many many things.

I Believe In:

Having fun. Enjoying life, and wait and see what comes next.