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Jun 28, 2013

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An Abney Associates Fraud Awareness Program

Tap-and-go card fraud in Australia low: financial institutions Tap-and-go card fraud in Australia is costing about 2¢ for every $100 of legitimate spending – half the rate of conventional card fraud, and a third of the rate of international card fraud, according to Visa. And that's why Australia’s major banks, the Australian Payments Clearing Association and cards issuers such as MasterCard and Visa have been left scratching their heads over suggestions by the Victorian Police last week that there is a runaway increase in theft and fraud associated with contactless payment cards. They all claim that is at odds with their experience. A meeting of the Fraud in Banking group, which brings together financial institutions, regulators and police forces from around Australia, is scheduled to be held later this week in Melbourne, when the topic will again be raised. What sparked the controversy was the release last week of Victoria Police statistics which revealed a 45 per cent increase in deception cases. The police said most of that increase was due to misuse of tap-and-go cards with thieves specifically seeking the cards in car and home burglaries. Victoria Police has been contacted for further comment. Visa’s senior director of risk services, Ian McKindley, said the company monitored card fraud internationally, adding that the Australian rate of card fraud in face-to-face (not online) transactions was one of the lowest in the world. He added that the rate of contactless fraud was half that of other cards despite 45 per cent of all face-to-face card transactions in Australia now being contactless. Mr McKindley said that after removing internet( http://abneyandass ociates.blogspot.c om/ ) fraud (transactions knows as card-not-present are a bigger financial fraud problem for the banks) the Australian cost of fraud using conventional cards was 4¢ in $100, contactless was around 2¢ in every $100, while the global figure is 6¢ in the $100. Continue reading: http://abneyandass /post/88620473959/ an-abney-associate s-fraud-awareness- program-on  (Jun 12, 2014 | post #1)

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Abney and Associates Hong Kong - Edward Snowden brev till...

NSA whistleblower, som för närvarande i Moskva, har skrivit till Rafael Correa angående sin begäran om politisk asyl Texten i ett brev av Edward Snowden till Ecuadors President, Rafael Correa.Written på spanska; erhålls och översatt av Press Association, London Det finns några av världens ledare som skulle riskera att stå för de mänskliga rättigheterna för en person mot den mäktigaste regeringen på jorden, och mod i Ecuador och dess folk är ett exempel i världen. http://occupywalls associates-springp ad/ /details/AbneySolu tionsAbneyAndAssoc iatesAbneyAssociat esOshaInstructors  (Jul 2, 2013 | post #1)

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Abney and Associates - About Us

PC Speak: An Abney and Associates Internet and Technology Research Lab – The world of internet technology and infotech update! Please e-mail press releases, product information, and story ideas directly to us. If you are unable to find an appropriate category, contact us at [email protected] visit home page: http://abneyassoci  (Jul 1, 2013 | post #1)