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Feb 27, 2010

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Who says no contradictions and errors in Vedas?

And you know that Mohammed's heart had no evil intent because... and you know that the writers of the Vedas had no evil intent because... And haven't you ever heard of the saying, "The road to Hell is paved with good intentions"? Sir: INTENTIONS do not justify LIES. Further, a "good" intention is not good if it goes against the commands of God, and God commanded to seek him out, to pray to him for help, and to NOT LIE. You can have a so called "good" intention to help an oppressed person by murdering the one oppressing them, but if God said not to murder, then it was a BAD INTENTION. GOOD INTENT KEEPS GOD'S COMMANDS, BAD INTENT REJECTS HIS COMMANDS. IT'S THAT SIMPLE. A lie is not a "truth" just because it contained some truth. It's PARTIALLY true, but a partial truth is a LIE. Don't confuse the meanings of good and bad either. http://circularrea http://20questions .tk  (Jul 23, 2010 | post #198)

Who says no contradictions and errors in Vedas?

You're missing the point: IT IS NOT TRUE. Saying, "it wasn't about science" doesn't negative the fact THAT IT WAS FALSE. You are justifying lies the same way atheists and evolutionists do, with your, "we're still learning" bullshit. And you even used that dumb evolutionist catchword "evolving ". You're not using the word correctly, as is typical of you non-Christians, to misdefine words. A lie becoming truth is not "evolving ". Talk about weasel-wording, and deception, and hypocrisy. Just throwing a word around to fit your whims huh? Read something I found a few minutes ago: "When debating on any topic, it is very important that we pay close attention to the meaning of words and how they are being used in the debate. Most words have more than one meaning, but only one of these meanings will properly fit the given context. When someone shifts from one meaning of a word to another within an argument, he or she has committed the fallacy of equivocation. Here is a facetious example: “Doctors know a lot about medicine, and Dr. Lisle is a doctor. So, he must know a lot about medicine.” This short argument shifts from one meaning of the word doctor (medical doctor) to another (Ph.D.), making the argument fallacious. This use of equivocation is sometimes called a “bait and switch” fallacy... Evolutionists often commit the fallacy of equivocation on the word evolution. This word has a number of meanings. Evolution can mean “change” in a general sense, but it can also refer to the idea that organisms share a common ancestor. Either meaning is perfectly legitimate, but the two meanings should not be conflated within an argument. Many evolutionists seem to think that by demonstrating evolution in the sense of “change,” that it proves evolution in the sense of “common descent.” Fallacy of equivocation You might hear them say something like, “Creationists are wrong because we can see evolution happening all the time. Organisms are constantly changing and adapting to their environment.” But, of course, the fact that animals change does not demonstrate that they share a common ancestor. I cannot overstate how common this fallacy is in evolutionary arguments. ... You might notice that at Answers in Genesis, we often use phrases like “particles-to-peop le evolution.” This may seem overly cumbersome, but we do this precisely to avoid equivocation. " - Answersingenesis Your LIE is no more acceptable than a Christian saying, "Well I thought tithing would make me rich" who could have simply read what the Bible said about tithing. "In fact in a large number of cases the version of the same matter will be different in different books." In fact merely saying that doesn't show evidence of NO FALLACY. Something tells me BULL can't be translated as SHITSatan: "I'm not lying God, I'm just evolving, I'm still learning is all :)" EVOLVING DOESN'T MEAN IMPROVINGPretend sage, YOU'RE NOT WISE FOR SAYING "PROPOUNDED ". Who told you "The Newton's laws" were no longer valid due to SGRT let alone GRT? That's a stupid and false as saying, "Quantum Mechanics invalidated GRT, no one believes it now." You're a parroting gullible sophist. And what kind of mind is that that you said "The Newton's laws". That makes no sense. Learn, and don't forget, what CIRCULAR REASONING is: http://circularrea So much for you being "Truthful ". Your user name should be Untruthful LiaR. And Muslims, the Quran is as false as the Vedas: http://20questions .tk Stop with the "we're still learning" excuse for holding on to lies and dismissing the evil of lies.  (Jul 23, 2010 | post #197)

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