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Jan 11, 2011


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Q & A with DanFromSmithville


All the poor defenseless


innocents that I attack.


Fifth Street and Vine.

Local Favorites:

Apples, pure, fresh, water, organic produce and anything deep fried.

I Belong To:

An organization so secret, I know nothing about it.

When I'm Not on Topix:

I enjoy long walks in the woods, photographing nature, helping my fellow man and stalking and killing chickens.

Read My Forum Posts Because:

I take the fun out of fundamentalism

I'm Listening To:

Iron Maiden. They ROCK!

Read This Book:

Evolution, the triumph of an idea

Favorite Things:

People that hide behind the flag or military service, Fundamentalists that lie, historical revisionists, and puppies.

On My Mind:

I like cake.

Blog / Website / Homepage:

Stop watching me and do your own work.

I Believe In:

What I can see with my eyes and touch with my hands. I believe in God, just not in the witchcraft-way fundamentalists do.