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May 14, 2011

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Small Business

Women only Fitness Center & Beauty Salon

Offering consultancy services to set up Women only Fitness Centre cum Beauty Salon. This is franchised business model. Proposed venture goes long way encouraging women entrepreneurship. Venture is profitable; soon after its inception you can cross INR 10 million turnover. It adds to your social status too. Detail business plan along with bankable project report, work flow and method of operation of proposed franchised business model is available for nominal charges. It also describes how to conduct preliminary market survey along with its material. Conducting market survey establishes your potential customer well before its inauguration. Persons owning 4000-5000 square feet area in centralized & posh locality in Tier I, II and III cities with minimum investment capacity of INR 7.5 million approx should contact us for detailed business plan and work flow.  (May 14, 2011 | post #1)

Small Business

Project Consultant for Food Processing Industries

We are project consultant and can set up agricultural and food processing industry on turnkey basis e.g. Marketing Infrastructure Tomato Processing Plant (min. 500 kg/hr) Egg Processing Plant (min. 60000 egg/day) Mango Processing Plant (min. 500 kg/hr) Milk Processing Plant (min. 5000 ltr/day) Skim Milk Powder Plant (min. 0.2 million ltr/day) We also work for Automatic Rice Milling Plant, Automatic Flour Milling Plant, Maize Processing Plant. We prepare Detailed Project Report and other documents as required by banks for sanction of project as ‘original piece of work’ as per unique needs of clients. We also take rigorous follow up with banks for early sanction of project subsidy and project loan. Collateral securities required by banks are the major hurdle for projects to take off. We try our level best to sort out this issue and make it acceptable by banks and clients both. We can take up complete responsibility right from company creation, acquisition of land, preparation of project report, layout with construction cost estimate, arranging quotations of all necessary assets, project approval from state government, early sanction of loan, commissioning of plant & machineries till trial run. We also work for establishing viable backward and forward linkages for your project and we plan thoroughly after we finalize our target market and desired production & packing lines. Please suggest how best we could serve you.  (May 14, 2011 | post #1)

Small Business

Project Report for Nursing Home, Single Doctor Clinic

We are project consultant and can guide you for establishing Nursing Home and Doctor Clinic. Upon knowing area of land and client’s expectations we prepare the layout as per prescribed standards. Further we prepare bankable project report for sanction of loan. We support client for obtaining necessary quotations from equipment supplier, for manpower planning and for overall facilities planning. We follow rigorously with banks for early sanction of project. We support client for complying with statutory requirements too. Please email us. We will send you concept note for following three projects: 1. Single Doctor Clinic 2. Maternity Nursing Home 3. Nursing Home In project concept note we have explained our services and delivery methods. Hope you will find our services meaningful.  (May 14, 2011 | post #1)