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Apr 1, 2008

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Time To End Black History Month?

I'm glad you have the ability to miss read a comment, or maybe it is you lack of understanding of the english language. Who did I say I was proud of, because I don't see that in my post anywhere. And while you want to point the finger at blacks for the black on black violence, the other statistics you speak of lets clear the air. There is a larger number of whites on welfare then there are blacks. This is a simple fact that has been touched on over and over again. Whites also make up the largest percentage of drug users and abusers. cles/PMC2377408/  (Aug 24, 2011 | post #3591)


Time To End Black History Month?

White man still killed native Americans and took their land. I mean if only 3% of the land was populated then it seems to me that the white man could have just, took the 97% of the unpopulated land, but seeing as civilization needs water to survive, the east coast and then the plains and eventually the entire country seemed ripe for the picking. then because the white man feels bad you set up reservations to segregate the native American, more like keep them away from the white man. Just because you speak an intelligent game doesn't mean it justifies what happened and what still is happening. The names you mention are famous for many reasons, but are made more famous by movies like How the West was won, or you know, the cowboys and Indians movies the depict native Americans as savages and the white man as a savior of, well, themselves. I appreciate the civility you use in your comments, and I can at least respect a man who is not afraid to say who he really is. Unfortunately your assertion that black people can not name another black man or woman who has contributed to society without Google is wrong, and I am sure you knew that as you typed it. But while we are being civil, what does the KKK stand for, not the acronym, but why does it exist, and why do you believe in it principles?  (Aug 11, 2011 | post #1807)


Time To End Black History Month?

It is amazing how you seem to vomit the same garbage from your mouth as the rest of the racist world. Let me just inform you of somethings. The black community have been accepting and claiming bi-racial kids as black since slavery my brain dead friend. What do you think happened to the children of slaves who were raped by the white man???? Right, you got it. There has recently (1998- present) been a movement for bi-racial children to claim both sides of their family, thanks to Tiger Woods who calls himself a Cablasian. before that most bi-racial children identified with their black heritage mainly because their racist white family would not claim them beyond their birth parent. The only reason why you white folk continue to bring up that Obama is bi-racial is so you can live in your bubble of racism and deny that there is a black president. Because if he were a criminal he certainly would not be mixed, he would be black, but now that he is president he is not black, he is mixed. How convenient. Oh and I don't worry about your racist insults, those are only used by people who can not properly voice their opinion without such language, so please call us all the coons, groids and anything else you want to, it only shows how much of a buffoon you are.  (Aug 11, 2011 | post #1805)


Time To End Black History Month?

Brother don't waste your time, this man (sadbuttrue) has been in these forums forever causing a stir. He just enjoys the fight.  (Aug 11, 2011 | post #1803)


Time To End Black History Month?

Every month is White history month.  (Aug 11, 2011 | post #1801)

NCAA Basketball

No. 8 Butler boots No. 1 Pitt from NCAA Tournament in 71-...

Joe Pa is the institution that is Penn State Football. He mad them who they are. I don't think they are going to force him out. As a fan I think he needs to go, but I think they are going to find an acceptable way to do it, not like they did in Florida St. with Bobby Bowden. But you do have to respect a man with that kind of graduation rate, which is one of the highest in the NCAA  (Mar 21, 2011 | post #12)

NCAA Basketball

No. 8 Butler boots No. 1 Pitt from NCAA Tournament in 71-...

No, actually I don't really care what b\Ben does in his personal life, in my opinion I don't think he is the greatest thing since sliced bread, but that is me. And I understand the oxymoron in my statement, its not typical Steelers Fan Idiot, it is I hate to see the refs determine a game. Butler played well and deserved the win, you just keep on slurppiin on sulenger till he gets to the NBA and is terrible just like Oden. Pa is a joke but the ONLY thing ohio had going for it was my wife, who no longer lives in thepoorest state in the country. She decided to get with a winner from PA. STEELERS FOR LIFE!!!!  (Mar 21, 2011 | post #11)

NCAA Basketball

No. 8 Butler boots No. 1 Pitt from NCAA Tournament in 71-...

I can see you are obviously upset about being either a Browns or Bengals fan, its ok, the Steelers are taking fan applications. If you read the post i clearly stated that butler won the game and it was bad coaching on dixons part to not tell his team on a miss to let butler get the rebound. Both calls were calls and should have been calls, but like i said at some point you also have to let the kids play the game and not let the refs be a determining factor. BUt again, and pay attention here, Pitt needs to not be in that situation and not let it come down to that. GO STEELERS!!! More championships than all the teams in ohio combined, that is including all sports college, and pro. Why do all the trees in PA lean toward ohio? Becausee ohio sucks!!!  (Mar 21, 2011 | post #7)


The Last Trick Of The Devil: Interracial Mixing

really, this has been goin on this long. let it go people. LOVE WHO YOU WANT. As I say P**SY IS P**SY its all pink inside!!!  (Mar 20, 2011 | post #797)

NCAA Basketball

No. 8 Butler boots No. 1 Pitt from NCAA Tournament in 71-...

!@#$ Pitt. no matter what i pick them to do they screw my bracket. Pick em to win they lose in the second round, pick em to lose in the second round they go to the elite 8 or final 4. !@#$ em. Although I have to ask why the ref called that last foul, not to mention the one that sent pitt to the line late. you gotta let the kids play ball. But the pitt players have to know that on a miss you let butler come down with the rebound to avoid that situation. Unless you are uconn, or nova or gtown for that, you get a raw deal by the refs in the tourney anyway, they don't like big east brand (hard nose, aggressive) playing style in the tourney, that works against alot of big east teams when it comes to the refs.  (Mar 20, 2011 | post #4)

Washington, PA

Washington High School Coaching

I no longer live in Washington, but I am a proud graduate of Wash High. I am thinking back on my time there and wonder why the school seem sto not hire any black coaches. From the sidelines I watched both the varsity football team, the boys basketball team stumble to terrible records and miss the playoffs. My question is why are the black candidates not getting the job, it seems the school is ok with hiring white candidates with losing records elsewhere to come in and coach the teams to the middle of the pack or the bottom of the stack. Chet Henderson, a state champion in 1999, applied for the head coaching position in football but did not get the job. Ron Moore, state champion in basketball applied for the head coaching position, did not get the job. WHY!?!?!? They have two things in common, they are both state champions and they are both Wash High Graduates. Why would the school not want to hire Alumni to coach their teams?????? Does it have anything to do with their skin???  (Feb 14, 2011 | post #1)


More Bw Are Making Different Choice In Men

You know she is really a he, and it (sadbutrue)is white not black. It's been busted on several forums before, and if you pay attention at 9:30pm its ISP will register in Virginia and ten minutes later it will register is seattle washington. Don't waste your time on that one.  (Mar 15, 2010 | post #3674)


positive messages in rap music

I don't know many rapper that promote good self images, or use positive lyrics. but then again it is what sells, just like people who complain about T and A (tits and ass) on tv all day, thats what sells.  (Mar 8, 2010 | post #120)


Why Do Black People Walk So Slowly?

I agree, I thought the post was rather funny. AS a black man I walk so slow because I don't like to be rushed. If you are in such a hurry you should have left 5 minutes earlier. But rushing around is for people who are uptight and stressed. That is not white attribute just as walking slow is not a black attribute.  (Mar 8, 2010 | post #111)


Oh no, Dan Rather didun!!!

where is this at on the net? or in the media?  (Mar 8, 2010 | post #3)

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