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Mar 6, 2010

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Who knows an abortion clinic here in metro manila? Please...

I was once in your situation dears. I posted around first week of March, looking for someone to trust regarding my condition. I felt really tired searching and reading all the threads because scammers were such a threat. First, I would like to thank Sid and her friend who assisted me. The abortionists really need these people to pick you guys up somewhere and bring to the actual place for safety. Abortion is illegal, for all we know. I was once doubtful whom to trust but given no choice I must take the risk. Second, please prepare yourselves for the procedure because it was physically painful and emotionally disturbing. I had my procedure March 11. I was at first nervous, of course. But those who came after me were fine naman after their procedure thus giving me more courage to continue it. Mine was the D&C procedure, painful yes, but the physical pain would eventually pass by. Emotional sickness is much worse because I was just caught up by the situation that as much as I want to keep the baby, I cannot. Any, the reason why I came back to this page is because I want to share what I have experienced and help at least those who really are of the same situation as I was. This place would allow you to bring someone with you except if the person is a boy. You can bring your boy friend with you, but not til the place of abortion. You may ask a female friend though to come with you so that you can be accompanied to the place of your procedure. I am presently okay, and just waiting for my obgyne appointment for a transvi. During the procedure, never forget to pray and ask for forgiveness. It helps a lot. Trust me. :) 09163591933 - Sid's number.  (Mar 21, 2010 | post #1128)

Who knows an abortion clinic here in metro manila? Please...

anyone who knows a place for abortion na pwede ko isama boyfriend ko. please please. please help me. im on my 6th wk  (Mar 6, 2010 | post #953)

Wanted: Abortion by Suction Dilation Curettage or Manual/...

please help me, im on 6wks. i would want to try raspa pero hindi daw pwede mag sama ng bf. please naman. help me. :( im so scared rin now.  (Mar 6, 2010 | post #34)

POST ABORTION experiencess

im tired na of all the threads na hindi ko na malaman whether true or not, i really need a solution right now and ive been following your post kasi i have the same situation as yours. please email me i really need your help. im confused whether to undergo d&c or take cytotec. i need help from those whom have experienced this. im on my 6th wks now and cant wait any longer. please do help me sos  (Mar 6, 2010 | post #24)