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Feb 28, 2008

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Lufkin bathroom voyeur going to jail for 90 days

Don't let it piss you off. He'll come out of prison singing a different tune.  (Dec 3, 2011 | post #1)

Top Stories - Bin Laden

Click to read:Pakistan: U.S. Man on Mission to Kill Bin L...

Well gee folks. The U.S. Government is offering 25 million for information leading to the capture (not "death") of Ussama Bin Laden. Although I doubt they'd complain much if you showed up with his head in a basket. Twenty five million USD is an incentive to attract ll sorts of bounty hunters, Adventurers, Private and or organized Crime figure hit men not to mention the mercs, the Veterans of the American Armed Forces acting as citizens. I'm sure finding a backer would be easier than will be the actual collection of the 25 Million. I'd say it is reasonable to expect that this offer would even attract, the mentally unbalanced, family members who lost loved ones in the WTC; guys with six months to live because of disease they picked up during the clean up of WTC. If the Pope, or the Head of the Chinese Government, or the head of any internationally recognized nation puts a bounty on your capture of 25 million dollars,,,,,you would be prudent to look over your shoulder now and then,,,,sleep in a different bed each night, and avoid attending large public events in the Western World. That is a lot of incentive to kill/capture any person. And yes,,,,he may be already dead, or living in Argentina the Hitlers Clone. Why does Edi Amine have a beautiful Villa on the Red Sea in Jedha Saudi Arabia? C.E.R.N. proved to scientists, that there may even be intelligent discovered one day on the planet earth. But not anytime in the immediate future. Can I get the petroleum as a side dish with my oysters?  (Jun 17, 2010 | post #52)

US News

Letters: Criticism of Obama absurd

I agree with Arlen, about being civil, and intelligent in ones criticism of the president. right or wrong, black or white, or gray or gay,,,he is the president at this moment. This hubub of the USMC harassing an officer for his web post criticizing the commander in Chief on line, (Specifically the health Care Reform bill.) Many Americans do not understand that in America, according to the law, soldiers fall under the legal jurisdiction of the uniformed code of military justice (UCMJ) and while they are the stalwart protectors of the Constitution (Sworn to up-hold and Defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic,they as soldiers do not have the direct protections from said document (ie Bill of rights Freedom of speech) the most civilians do. Hence the legal limbo at Gitmo. American Indians too have little legal protection under the constitution, instead their plight is assigned to the Indian Affairs Treaty Depts of the Federal Govt. (Talk about irony) Someone once said Military Law is to Law,,,what Military Music is to Music. The Tea Party and other extremist groups both left and right, on or off the Hill, need to remember that "WE THE PEOPLE ARE TOGETHER IN THIS.". the EMPHASIS BEING ON THE ''WE" PART. Thank you and may the deity of your choice Bless us all!  (Apr 15, 2010 | post #14)


Trashy trends in wedding photography

Well the ladies used to burn their bra's back in the late 60s and early 70s. Burning Lycra and spandex with elastic is a horrible stench. I don't think the real appeal to women is the destruction of the clothing item, rather it is the inevitable purchase of a newer item to replaced the one that got thrashed and trashed. :)  (Sep 11, 2009 | post #1)


Man indicted for sending erotic Christmas card

Yeah but will it stand up in court?  (May 10, 2009 | post #1)


7 Sure-Fire Ways To Lose Money in Your Photography Business

Good Article. The pure artist is seldom willing to let go of his or her creations just for profit. Those who do risk becoming mere technicians, and very well paid ones at that. Hence the term starving artists. This is not to say that a good or great artist ignores the basic fundamentals of his craft. It is rather a fact that artist tend to be creative visionaries who work is seldom recognized for its grander, within their lifetimes. Van Gohe only sold 2 paintings in his life time. No wonder he cut off an ear.  (Jan 12, 2009 | post #1)

The York Daily Record

Worried Obama will restrict guns

It's clear when you read the 2nd amendment to our constitution that "This right will not be abridged". Who says gun ownership should be limited to whether a weapon is suitable only for hunting, or that it be used for hunting, or that it be less efficient than the guns used by police. Next will be you must have a hunters license, or live within X miles of a hunting preserve, or that you have successfully bagged X number of deer with your firearm. A person can make a zip gun in prison from next to nothing and a person with tools and materials will always be able to make a gun or a bomb. Wake up America. Guns don't kill people. Bullets kill people. You want to regulate or tax the hell out of something without abridging the rights of gun owners, then go for the ammo. The industry could be made to put micro identifiers into bullets and every box sold serially identified to the buyer. Will it stop all killing? No, nothing ever will except moral indignation by every member of society and an increased value placed on human life. But going after the bullets, which are harder to home manufacturer than guns, it's a good place to start.  (Jan 7, 2009 | post #706)

Top Stories

Is Breastfeeding in Public Indecent and Wrong

"Indecent? " The only time it's indecent, is when it's in more than half-way. Thats "In-decent " LOL Seriously however. Pro-LeLechyLeague, ie benefits of breastfeeding etc. It's not what offends one in public, it's whats best for a human infant in a human society. The same up-tight people who are "SICK" when they see an act of breast-feeding, most likely get offended at a bunch of things (EVERY-DAY)ie animals(Pets to Pigeons) having waste movements in public. They'd complain about everything or anything that might break through their closed minds and uptight beliefs. For these folks, their is no "Get over it." or acceptance as natural of anything around them. Thats why they created a "Virtual " reality to live in. If you had to sneeze, then blow your nose, or burp or fart in public,,,,would you run off and hide in the bushes to keep from offending someone? Most wouldn't. Thats why there is a cliché and custom manners phrase, "EXCUSE ME!" exists, for the majority of "normal" people.  (Sep 28, 2008 | post #7800)

Top Stories

Snead, Ole Miss stun 4th-ranked Florida 31-30

Well the Gators had a case of over-confidence that led to them leaving their "A" game in the locker-room. It's only the second or third time that Gators have lost in the Swamp since Urban Myres became head coach. Thats why we call it an upset and it happens enough that we've got a term for it. How many pac-ten and ACC teams are undefeated this early into the season. Sorry to see the mighty Gator Nation humbled on its own turf in Gainsville Florida. On the other hand, it provided those of us who watched it,,,an exciting SEC game that kept us awake and at the edge of our seats for a couple of hours. Take the good with the bad, and don't read more into the event than necessary. Lets face it. Florida lost because of 5 turn-overs. One more and "A half dozen turn-overs please, make mine apple!"  (Sep 28, 2008 | post #1)


Darkroom sex-attack teacher jailed

That proves that sometimes, those enlargements,,,,turn in, rather than turn out!  (Sep 28, 2008 | post #1)

Top Stories

We Should Have Slave Reparations

OK, I research ,,my ancestors owned slaves,,,about twenty of them. In my working career I was twice denied job placement because of race and gender in government jobs. You can't say that discrimination against whites is OK because of past proven discrimination against blacks. (The reason our supreme court won't rule on reverse discrimination cases). All other nationalities that become part of the melting pot seem to integrate them-selfs into the economic scene pretty well after a generation or two. Why not Black people? Why do black people commit a greater number of crimes against their own race than any other here in America? Why is it 1 in 1 million Americans is in Jail, but 1 in 15 Black Americans are in jail? It's time to quit having a law that says no discrimination by age, sex, race,or religious belief, then turn right around and ask on EVERY job application,,,how old are , you,,whats your race and sex. It's not Germain to the subject of employment. Simple best qualified for the job should be hired. PERIOD! As for reparations? To the Indians who while living on the reservations are not even U.S. citizens and protected by our constitution. Indians not adopting the way of the white man are wards of the state and answer to the Department of Indian affairs. Give reparations to former slaves descendants? The only dollars I'd offer is if they hate America so much and feel discriminated against ,100 years after the fact, then they should be given a free plane ticket back to their country of origin. One of my first ancestors came to America as an indentured servant, which is a polite way to say slave. It's impossible to serve justice by reparations, it you could, then it'd be like taking a mass murderer who killed 50, and then execute him 50 times. Shot em, poison him, then electrocute the remains, beat the corpse to death etc. That might make the victims family feel better,,,but thats not extracting justice. The talk of reparations is just another way politicians and lawyers are scamming to line their pockets with American tax dollars. Trust me,,,in the end,,,the black people of America who are looking for something for nothing, should get nothing more than everyone else. A chance to be an American,,,,or not.Was slavery right? NO Were Americans the majority of slave buyers off the coast of Africa where Black people sold their own race into slavery? NO! Study history. Slavery goes back to Biblical times. The United Nations estimates 750,000 people are enslaved every year in the world. Saudi Arabia didn't close it's public slave auctions till 1964 and then the slave markets just moved underground. I've seen slaves. I've seen and talked to men who had been slaves over 50 years. You might not like my view,,,the truth is seldom palatable. Should a statute of limitations apply? No,,,rather a statute of common sense should apply.  (Feb 29, 2008 | post #600)

Top Stories

Should smoking weed be legal?

Hey I've been to Amsterdam Holland where grass, and hash are legal. So is prostitution and Gay marriage. It's a society where people get up everyday and go about their business. The police can focus on real hard narcotics and terrorists. Unlike America,which leads the world in the number of people locked up in jail by percentage of population, Holland prospers because it doesn't spend all that money turning non-violent people into hardened criminals. Less money spent on Judges, lawyers, rehab councilors, prisons, etc. American being a capitalistic nation has made an institutional business of locking people away, that the mainstream finds objectionable. We as citizens have no further to go than the nearest mirror to find who to blame. After all folks, America has the BEST Governmental system in the world, that money can buy. Trust me,,I've lived in Saudi Arabia, and in South Korea. I know what a police state, and a religious dictatorship is like,,been there, got the scars and t-shirt to prove it. It's certainly been prescribed by doctors more often than tobacco to treat a variety of ailments in the human condition. Pots been listed as Americans #1 cash Crop, and thats the Dept of agricultures figures. Isn't it time to treat it like caffeine or nicotine, regulate and tax it. Isn't it time to quit calling it a Narcotic by law and by prosecution standards, when in fact pot is a non narcotic and not related to poppies from which you get heroin/morphine. Pots a drug like alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, but it's also a natural grown plant and not a synthesized danger to your health like some OTC meds. It will never be legal in the USA because our elected officials are making too much money off the black market trade of it, and in the business of locking pot users away with murders and thieves.  (Feb 29, 2008 | post #774)

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