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Jul 26, 2011

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Oilman Oscar Wyatt Jr. hospitalized after stroke

I worked for Oscar Wyatt as his personal Chef for three years and then went on to get my pilots certificates and then flew for Coastal and later El Paso Corp. Mr Wyatt was a man of his word. If anyone that met him bothered to get past the gruff exterior, he was a wonderful man on the inside. As long as you never lied to the man you had nothing to worry about, I feel I got along great with him. I think that Mr Wyatt was, in the long run, a scapegoat for the mess he was accused of in the Iraq dealings, our own Government did a lot worse. I can verify what Dudley Henderson said about the food that was given away at the Holidays, as I was one of many, that was involved with distributing the bags. It was a full meal for a family that was given and it was given to many many families around Hebbronville. Mr. Wyatt was always concerned that it had gotten done. I just hope that he is not living out the rest of his life thinking that no one cares about the good that he did in his life. I know that there were many things he did in anonymity. I for one, care. There is more untold good that that man has done that many will never know of. The man has touched my life and I'm glad I had the chance to have known and worked for him. I am now in Fort Collins, CO, but hope that I can have the chance to get to Houston and see him again. I have always liked and respected the man.  (Jul 26, 2011 | post #6)