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Feb 17, 2008

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Rack-em, Sit, Shut-up, Repeat


Your Gene POOL Needs Chlorine

Local Favorites:

A fishing lake a cast away, nearby putting green, driving range, first tee, billiard table and my insolent evenings of bourbon intemperance.

I Belong To:

My wife and dog - the Maltese is the most demanding.

When I'm Not on Topix:

Enjoying retirement & teaching conversational English in S.A. where we have a home. When in the USA I spend a lot of time chauffeuring the wife.

Read My Forum Posts Because:

A tsunami of tsupidity can be a wave of brilliance

Read This Book:

Do they still have books?

Favorite Things:

Billiards - to excel requires geometry, physics, occasional luck and better eyesight than I now possess. When health allows I also play a little golf.

On My Mind:

Our brave military once again fighting & dying in a foreign country, the economy, religion in politics, crime, UHC, the national debt and NAFTA.

I Believe In:

PEACE -- Every day without laughter is a total waste. Why always paddle upstream when you can just turn around and go with the flow? A good defense is often more important than a great offense, billiards 101. My subtle, condescending humor should not be confused with arrogance nor is it optional if debating a MORON.