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Jun 8, 2013

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Using multi touch technology bring us a lot of benefits

In the use of the touch screen, the resistance and capacitance multi touch technology are the most popular ones, according to different products, the usage between them also exist some differences The usage of restiveness touch technology is relatively more, of course we can get a lot of benefits from using it, and these benefits make the development of resistance technology is becoming more and more advanced. After learning the situation that technique of capacitance touch screen will lose control, a lot of people gradually lose confidence in capacitance technique, in fact, this is not correct, now there are many multi touch http://www.multi-t screen computers, it is only in the environment of the high frequency carrier wave that the touch screen will not correct, in general it can be normal use and will not produce the failure phenomenon. The difference in resistor and capacitor technology is that it is not restricted by the magnetic field, also won't appear failure situation, if the failure is the main reason is the problem appeared in the touch of it system, they need to check the whole touch products when there exists some problems, in order to have a good use in the future. The resistance technology is also used in the touch of a lot of other products, each multi touch screen http://www.multi-t creen/ technology used are having their own special characteristics, so the resistance technology also has unique characteristics.  (Jul 23, 2013 | post #1)


Have you ever thought about the invention of multi touch ...

I think that all of us may know the multi touch screen, but on the other hand, do you know the invention history about it? Here I would like to talk something about it. It's hard to believe that just a few decades ago, multi touch http://www.multi-t screen technology could only be found in science fiction books and film. These days, it's almost unfathomable how we once got through our daily tasks without a trusty tablet or smartphone nearby, but it doesn't stop there. Touch screen can be seen everywhere. Homes, cars, restaurants, stores, planes, wherever—they fill our lives in spaces public and private. It took generations and several major technological advancements for multi touch screen to achieve this kind of presence. Although the underlying technology behind touch screen http://www.multi-t creen/ can be traced back to the 1940s, there's plenty of evidence that suggests touchscreens weren't feasible until at least 1965. Popular science fiction television shows like Star Trek didn't even refer to the technology until Star Trek: The Next Generation debuted in 1987, almost two decades after touchscreen technology was even deemed possible. But their inclusion in the series paralleled the advancements in the technology world, and by the late 1980s, touchscreens finally appeared to be realistic enough that consumers could actually employ the technology into their own homes. Stop here, I think you will be surprised at this great revolution in multi touch screen, yeah, we need to admit that the power of science and technology is huge, and it will be develop in a fast way.  (Jul 19, 2013 | post #1)

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Surprising technologies of multi touch in Iphone

More and more people now are using Iphones, but do you know the history of multi touch in its revolution? Here I would like to talk something like that with you. Firstly, Touch Technologies There are three major basic technologies for recognizing multi touch http://www.multi-t, the first being a resistive surface which recognizes input by electric currents built between two layers on touch. Second, capacitive surfaces using electric fields created from the surface's corners. And lastly, there are optical approaches which consist of capturing camera images of a surface and reacting to distinctions created by touches. Secondly, Discrete & Continuous Processing As Bill Buxton points out, there are two types of actions on multi touch interfaces. There are discrete input scenarios where users are basically just pushing on specific spots and there are continuous actions where users are performing an ongoing movement that has to be followed. Naturally, the latter requires a more precise touch recognition for reasonable results. Thirdly, Information Content of a Touch Buxton also describes how diverse the information delivered on a single touch screen http://www.multi-t creen/ can be. Although many systems only react on the position of a touch input, you could also access much further data characterizing the type of the performed touch screen, including the pressure sensitivity which basically enables a third axis for touch interaction apart from the horizontal and vertical position. Furthermore, the angle in which a finger or device approaches the surface could be recognized, e.g. by the touch contour or by checking where the palm or other fingers are hovering above the surface. Force vectors enable the user to add additional touch data by making use of friction between finger and screen. Now, do you have a comprehensive understanding of this amazing history of multi touch in Iphones.  (Jul 18, 2013 | post #1)


Have you thinking about taking internship in Hong Kong

 &# 12288;Good afternoon everyone here  &# 12288;Are you free now? Would you like join in my discussion?  &# 12288;For the coming summer holiday, did you have a plan for your holiday? Or is there someone considered of taking a summer internship this holiday? In my opinion, taking an internship in Hong Kong is good idea, but why should we choose the place of Hong Kong? Here is my own opinion.  &# 12288;It is known to all that Hong Kong is one of the world's truly international cities. Being an international financial center with the world's freest economy, Hong Kong is Asia's most globally connected city. Hong Kong internships are very popular as the city has long been a destination for work experience abroad and many international companies have a presence in the region. As a gateway to mainland China as well as the other countries in Asia, an internship in Hong Kong will reward you with a mix of cultures and opportunities.  &# 12288;After what I have said, are you interested in it? Or do you agree with my opinion on internship in Hong Kong. Thank you for your comments.  (Jun 8, 2013 | post #1)