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Oct 29, 2009

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Liverpool, PA

fatal motorcyle wreck 7/11/2010 12:30 a.m

who was the person that got killed in the motorcycle accident on7/11/2010.  (Jul 28, 2010 | post #2)

Richfield, PA

Second person charged in infant ass.....

They are both responsible for this,they both should be charged to the fullest extent.  (Jul 27, 2010 | post #8)

Richfield, PA

Three enter pleas in Snyder County murder case

JPN.I agree fully with your words.  (Jul 22, 2010 | post #3)

Perry County, PA

Community Grieves After 3 Children Killed

I cannot imagine what your Family is going through,I have three kids myself.What I would like to say is my Heart and Prayers go out to you in your time to grieve.I do realize that it will not be the same anymore but remember your three little Angels are in Heaven still watching over you.Prayers,and Hugs and Thoughts.  (Apr 24, 2010 | post #1)

Millerstown, PA

International Drug Ring Busted, 2 Alleged Dealers From Pi...

they should just legalize it god grew it and there are allot of people out there that are allergic to different medication for pain and this is the alternative,not to get you high just enough to take the pain away,they are never going to stop people from buying etc.  (Mar 11, 2010 | post #13)

Middleburg, PA

big jons eatery

you need a reality check that place serves food that is not fit to eat don't know what you think is good but as an American i can still have my opinion and so can you,but when you spend the type of money we did in there i would like deasant food. You Have Your Own Opinions, And So Do I.  (Mar 11, 2010 | post #17)

Middleburg, PA

Angel Food Ministries/ Great Food

Angel Food Ministries is a nonprofit organization that you buy food in semi bulk and they have great deals that no one could beat it is for anyone that eats etc. Log onto-www.angelfood to look at their menu of items for the month. You will not regret it.  (Jan 22, 2010 | post #1)

Middleburg, PA

big jons eatery

big jons eatery is seriously a joke my husband went there and spent over $50.00 for 3 strombolies and a special large pizza ,well for one the sauce is out of a can and is too sweet,some of the strombolies the cheese was not even melted and the chicken ones are not even fit to eat they were dry and they were spicy ones but it had a bitter taste,the pizza was barely cooked correct either and it was like biting into sugar cubes me and my family have been in this area for a little over a year and he also had said the person that took the order acted like he was not even on this planet,they will never get our money anymore,now the place to travel to is in Liverpool it may be farther but it is homeade sauces breads etc,they are great atmosphere and are the nicest business owners you would ever want to meet,the name of the place is CHRISS'S ORIGINAL PIZZA,you want good homeade sauces and breads and all around great food take a trip there,actually the sauce is so greatly made from the old way from italy that i sometimes get my husband to buy me a extra cup just to drink that is how great it is.CHECK IT OUT YOU WILL NOT BE DISSAPOINTED.  (Jan 11, 2010 | post #14)

Selinsgrove, PA

Baby sitter accused of molesting child

Maybe not right in the head but that just means her mom does not give a s**t about her kid but in all fairness if there is proof then he needs to do the time as in total isolation the government needs to change and only worrying about drug dealers etc, that child is going to be scarred forever,so sad she will be in my prayers,not the loser that did it or even her family,i was molested as a child and nothing was ever done and i am in therapy and other doctors to overcome what wrecked my life.someone needs to have her and show her what a real family is.AND WHOEVER DOES NOT LIKE THIS BLOG AS MUCH AS YOU WANT MY WORDS ARE HONEST AND TRUTH OF WHAT THAT CHILD IS GOING TO GO THROUGH AS AN ADULT............  (Jan 11, 2010 | post #2)