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Mar 18, 2009

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Jeffersonville, GA

Sheriff's substation to open in Twiggs County

Do you think they will have an ambulance there  (Mar 18, 2009 | post #1)

Jeffersonville, GA

Protect and Serve

It is a privilege to serve the community as a law enforcement officer. As an elected official the sheriffs duty is to enforce the law as stated in the Georgia statutes. This includes detaining law breakers and obtaining evidence to be presented to the District attorney who then presents the evidence to a judge to be considered in determining the guilt of said offender. The defendant is then in turn entitled to representation of their choice in defence of said crime. This is called a fair trail and is a defining trait of the American justice system. The roll of law enforcement does not and shall not extend influence over the courtroom. In other words the Judge and the prosecuting attorney are not at the whim of the sheriff. If it is found that the accused was wrongfully arrested, or there is not enough evidence to convict beyond a reasonable doubt, and decided the defendant shall be released or not tried, then the sheriff has no right or recourse to demand nullification of the courts decision. This is a tenant of justice. If the sheriffs sphere of influence includes the courtroom then what do we need a prosecuting attorney or a judge for? Citizens of Jeffersonville this is happening in your courtroom. I applaud the vigilance of your sheriff and and his deputies in their pursuit of crime. They are risking their lives to make that part of Georgia a safer place and deserve respect, but even police are humans and capable of making errors. What is so troubling in this situation is the inability of said officials to admit their mistake and move on. I implore the citizens of Jeffersonville to demand culpability in their officials and to question why a man has been on trial for three years. Why every offer from the courts in this case is negated by the sheriff. Demand a explanation from your elected officials. Realize you could be next.  (Mar 18, 2009 | post #1)

Jeffersonville, GA

Yonders Farm

Hello citizens of Twiggs Co. Georgia. My family and I lived on "Yonders Farm" for about 6 mos., my wife and I have 6 children one of which was born on the farm. We were looking for a place to live communally and possibly buy land when I came across Yonders Farm on an intentional community website. I spoke with Yonder on the phone extensively and was impressed with his knowledge of the Bible. We decided to "check" the place out and once we got to know Yonder decided to stay. Our time on the farm consisted of fixing tractors, cultivating earth for a community garden, homeschooling our children, and I enjoyed many hours reasoning scripture with Yonder. We would still be on the farm if not for your overzealous sheriff. This man with his deputies and the DFAC (department of families and children) came to the farm one morning, in the words of officer Stokes and sheriff Mitchum, to take my children. This was happening because, in their own words, they did not agree with how we were living. After 2 hours the DFAC investigators felt there was no justification to remove my children. In fact they were impressed at what we were doing. I am fortunate in this respect because as I told sheriff Mitchum "you will have to shoot me in order to remove my children". I am an American citizen and as such am a FREE man. I do not have to fear unjust persecution nor as a FREE man do I have the cowardice to stand idly by while corrupt officials manipulate the system to achieve maligned goals. I was told by one of your elected officials that the situation with Yonder was complicated by the fact that when the new highway was built the Farm would be worth "millions ". Living on such a personal basis with Yonder allows me to state beyond a shadow of a doubt that David Breedlove does not use any drugs, not even prescribed pharmaceuticals. Yonder is a kind man who has taken upon himself to live the life Jesus taught, to love one another. He has opened his home to countless people in an effort to help and comfort those less fortunate. Mentally ill and drug addicted can find a place to heal and become whole through this mans love. This man would not hesitate to help in any way he could any person in need. He is an asset to your community in ways many of you will never understand, but there are many who do. Please take the time to involve yourself and help to vindicate Yonder from this situation of hate and greed being perpetrated upon him.  (Mar 18, 2009 | post #1)