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Dec 25, 2010

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Taking accutane one week found Im out pregnant

Ok, let's actually help then... Anybody who gets pregnant while on accutane needs to consider this: -Do you want your child to have the best possible start in life or not? -Do you want to deliver a baby with the very strong possibility that it will die young or that you might still be feeding it milk and wiping it's arse when you're 70? I have several down-syndrom people in my family PRIMARILY because their parents were over 40 and were too idiotic to take the damn test. -you need to realize that having an abortion might be traumatic, but having a disabled child die on you at age 12 is several orders of magnitude MORE pain. Accutane is well known to cause birth defects. That your child can actually get birth defects if the father was using it means there is NO safe level for accutane and pregnancy, because the amounts of accutane delivered through semen are tiny compared to just ONE pill. Basically, you need to abort if you are on accutane or have been recently. Knowingly having a child while on a highly teratogenic drug is both irresponsible and EXTREMELY EGOCENTRIC. You are thinking of your own desire to have children and NOT about the wellbeing of your children. That's very selfish behaviour. Abort, and simply try in a year. The fact that you got pregnant means all the machinery works so there is no sane reason to go ahead now, only stupid ones. It's not for nothing that they've got an official program to actual monitor and prevent this type of stupidity you know...  (Dec 24, 2011 | post #45)

can low dose of accutane works

20 mg might seem like a low dose compared to what you see here but there are actual scientific papers indicating much lower doses than the 1-2 mg/kg/day are actually effective (and much, much safer). So, YES, low doses work, with less risk of chronic side effects. You are 17? well then you should not be using a drug with permanent side effects for a condition that is temporary for most teenagers. Try to manage the acne with less dangerous drugs for a few years more. If you're 25 and you still have acne (like I had) you could reconsider. Alternatively, if you insist on killing your glands off, don't use accutane longer than 3 months, then wait a year before you continue with any followup. Most serious, permanent side effects actually only show themselves AFTER accutane treatment. But within one year. (Note that this is probably the major reason accutane side effects are still underreported) Stay on the drug for 3 months tops, wait one year and if you still got all your hair and no depression you probably haven't destroyed your own health.  (Dec 24, 2011 | post #3)

Breaking out after stopping Accutane

Acne can flare up after stopping accutane because accutane isn't a cure, it's a treatment (and a very, very dangerous one at that). The underlying cause of acne is that you have too high a hormone level in your skin. One of the primary functions of sex hormones is to reduce the working of your immune system. This also goes for your skin. That's why: -acne flares up during puberty -acne flares up during periods -acne gets less severe with age Trouble is, all sorts of modern chemicals build up in your skin that actually mimic the function of your hormones. Normally your immune system fights off the bacteria that feed off the oil in your skin. But if the level of hormones in your skin is too high you get a constantly impaired immune function, and the bacteria simply don't get killed off. What accutane does is reducing the amount of oil so there is less bacterial overgrowth. Basically, less food for them. Trouble is, accutane kills your cells in the process..which is a BAD thing (tm). Accutane is not a cure, it's a treatment. Once stopped the acne can get back because the underlying cause is too many hormones in your skin. The real cure for acne is to detox your skin to a level where your immune system can kill enough bacteria. The hormone-like substances are basically fat-soluble toxins, and you can remove them over 6-15 months using a very simple procedure called 'oil pulling' (just google it). Easy, cheap as dirt, and VERY safe. That's how I CURED my acne, not treated it. The reasons your doctor never told you are: -The official medical explanation for acne (ie: bacteria feeding on your sebum) is at the same time a correct observation and still not the real underlying cause -If you accept that most people are idiots, and most doctors are people, you have to accept that most doctors are idiots. -Because the acne cure is basically rinsing your mouth with cheap sunflower oil, and it has been around for 4000 years or so, it is NOT patentable and no one can earn MONEY from it. Healthcare is an INDUSTRY and off-patent cures don't turn the massive profits that patentable have. Sad but true. If you think it's not true then you have no inkling as to how the healthcare industry works. You can literally buy the cure at the local supermarket. Accutane is STILL present in your system, even though you stopped taking the pills. Accutane is fat-soluble just like vitamin A and builds up in fatty tissues like the skin, the liver and the brain. You could try to lose weight, burn fat, and try to flush the system of accutane. Big problem with this is, that unless you combine the weight loss with detoxing, the accutane (and basically all fat-soluble toxins inside you) gets concentrated in the only fatty organ that does NOT lose fat: YOUR BRAIN. So, weight loss without detoxing is a VERY BAD idea... Now, a plan of action: -Google these terms: "fat-soluble toxins", "oil pulling" "DDT" "dioxins " "chlorine acne" and read up an all these subjects. You will realise you are at serious risk for long term damage and can do steps to lessen the risks. -do oil pulling for at least 6 months. 10-15 mins a day should be perfectly feasible. This should set you back maybe 10 dollars in cheap cooking-grade sunflower oil. Stuff the folks who tell you only biological 5 bucks a liter stuff will work, I cured myself with the cheap stuff. -You should start to see a difference after several months..I started seeing a clearup after 3 months, but your body may differ. -supplement (lightly) with vitamins..just use a 100% multivitamin or two a day. oil pulling can also deplete fat-soluble vitamins and you need to be aware of this. -Supplement especially with extra vitamin D because it seems to be a co-factor in several biochemical processes involving vitamin is also important for healthy skin. Get more sunlight. You need to realize that accutane is a treatment, NOT a cure, and it IS a ticking timebomb in your body.  (Dec 24, 2011 | post #5)

Accutane's mechanism of action explained

Also: 0951254?ordinalpos =1&itool=Entre zSystem2.PEntrez.P ubmed.Pubmed_Resul tsPanel.Pubmed_Dis coveryPanel.Pubmed _Discovery_RA& linkpos=1&log Quote: "The rapid isomerization of 13-cis retinoic acid (accutane)to high levels of all-trans retinoic acid (atra) was a sebocyte-specific event, as no significant isomerization of 13-cis retinoic acid to all-trans retinoic acid occurred in HaCaT keratinocytes. " I find this to be a significant find.. in 'ordinary' skin cells accutane doesn't get processed...yet in sebocytes it swiftly translates into the most active form. Sebocytes are basically oil gland stem cells..(I'm sure that's not a 100% correct analogy so bear with me)...accutane is selectively converted to the active component atra only in sebacious glands and not in ordinary skin cells. This means that it WILL impair sebum (oil) production, but that it might not alter the direct function of all other skin cells. oh and btw poppycc: accutane is NOT an addiction.  (Dec 22, 2011 | post #439)

Accutane's mechanism of action explained

There's a reason doctors are less likely to get side effects from accutane treatment: they are usually more informed about their own health status BEFORE they start treatment. This includes checking for vitamin deficiencies, medical histories and allergies. If they find some underlying weakness in their body they'll most likely fix it before going on accutane. How many ordinary citizens can: A) order a full blood test and B) correctly interpret the results? So your doctors suffer from professionally induced bias. They are more aware of their own health than most humans.  (Dec 22, 2011 | post #437)

reversing the effects of accutane before its too late

"Cons: While on the drug I was basically titty sucking a water bottle every freaking moment of the darn gone day!!!" That's a sign of accutane interfering with the basic osmotic function of vitamin A. Vitamin A is needed for keeping the correct osmotic value between blood plasma and the intracellular osmotic pressure of all the cells in your body. If anybody still thinks accutane is 'just vitamin A', think again. The above symptom is a strong and clear signal that accutane interferes with the normal functions of vitamin A, and that it does NOT behave in the same way. It is TOTALLY different. "Taking your life is the weak way out." I disagree. For some people life is not worth living. And it's other peoples 'help' that has caused it in this respect. Before accutane I was on track with my university study. Then I got Crohn's disease 3 months after taking that poison. You wouldn't sentence someone to death...but you're perfectly happy to sentence someone to a live not worth living? "I don't know what to do to reverse the effects but I would strongly recommend that people search for some other solution to acne." There are so many different ways accutane can damage you that there is no single solution possible. Dry skin and light-sensitivity are very different from damage to the central nervous system, or IBD problems. But there is a very simple way to stop acne: detox your body. Just find any way to do so, I use cheap sunflower oil as a mouthwash. It takes out all those chemicals built up over the years in your skin. I cured my acne after 20 years of suffering, just by doing my own research and despite being debilitated for 10 years from accutane. Your doctors are all clueless about the real causes of acne so you should no longer trust their word. Do your own research. And don't let them poison you. Your body has a good mechanism for removing water-soluble toxins, but fat-soluble toxins are hard to handle. Detoxing removes those, and will alleviate soooooooo many problems, not just acne. Gall stones for example are related to toxins as well...gall is the normal way of the body to remove fat-soluble chemicals, by encapsulating them with gall and making them water-soluble this way. The toxins then pass through your intestines unabsorbed, and are passed out in your poop...most of the gall is reabsorbed along the way, at the ileon for example (where Crohn's disease is always located). Now if you have too much poison in your body, your gall production simply isn't enough to handle all of them (especially if you're also deficient in several vitamins, like every modern person is). Then gall stone problems develop...along comes malabsorption, leaky gut syndrome and increased toxicity in your body. Also, since accutane is fat-soluble as well, detoxing your body will remove it too. I found my own cure for acne. Now I have to find it for my Crohn as well. The doctors are worth shit. And the drug companies do more to kill you than the nearest crack dealer. That's the reality of 21st century medicine.  (Dec 26, 2010 | post #33)

reversing the effects of accutane before its too late

Diplomat: go bother someone else. "Half-life of Accutane is 10-20 hours, don't blame accutane for what's happening in your life 5 years later!" Yes that's the half-life in blood plasma. Not in tissue. Everybody who knows anything about fat-soluble toxins knows that they can stay in the body indefinitely in fatty tissues. Read up on DDT if you're that dumb. "2. I'm 18 and have used two courses of accutane, and am on a third course, and have NO problems " Well, then you're very lucky. Let us know in 5 years if you're still feel fine. "Crohn's disease is 99% of the time genetic" Uhm..NOPE. I have Crohn's disease thanks to accutane. And it is NOT genetic. Best research says there is at most a 10% co-factor into a predisposition to get Crohn. That is, there is a 10% chance a genetic factor might be involved into getting Crohn more easily than other people. To say all diseases are genetic is too ludicrous to comment on. "4. No lawyer without a 100% garantee of a win would sue multiple doctors with MDs. Sorry, it's been tried. " Yep, and the lawyers WON. There are currently 100s of lawsuits pending on accutane, including class action lawsuits. You OBVIOUSLY are completely clueless, so don't bother other people with dumb remarks. Thank you for your time. Accutane is's only to be given to people who are to die otherwise. That instead it has been given to millions of (underage) people for a mild skin condition is outright criminal conduct. "Isotretinoin (Accutane) is a drug closely related to the chemical structure of Vitamin A" True, but their function, expression and pharmacodynamics and -kinetics are totally different. The resemblance is only in chemical structure. "Companies that produce these drugs don't look out for everyone's best interest." To put it more precisely: they sell you stuff they know can kill you, and have factored the litigation costs by survivors into the selling price. Big pharma is the closest to pure evil you will get in a multinational. "I've always been suspicious that the advanced wrinkling was due to the accutane use since it closes oil glands" It actually kills the oil producing cells. "But if vitamin A is poison, I suggest you stop eating." Nope it is not. In case you've never had any education about chemicals: just the addition or substitution of one small group of atoms in a molecule can kill you outright. Hell, even the actual structure of the molecule (cis/trans anyone?) can make the difference between food and poison. "im 17 and i feel like a 40 years old guy." Wow, that's horrible. Make sure you tell everyone from your same age-group not ever to take accutane. You'll help saving them from what you are suffering by educating them. "Not likely to be caused by accutane since it is a powerful anti cancer drug- ewtremly efficient against skin cancer etc. You can research that. " Wrong. Accutane can give you IBD conditions, like Crohn's disease for me for example, that considerably increase the chances to get intestinal cancers. My risk has increased over 10-fold since I got Crohn. Yes, accutane is an anti-cancer agent, but the side effects are so severe they can lead to cancer just by themselves. And this is not just accutane. A lot of the chemotherapy agents can give you cancer in other parts of your body. That's why they are so incredibly dangerous and are only to be used on people who DIE otherwise. Not for a skin condition to teenagers. Get it? "Do your research before taking this drug." sane person would take this drug if he had researched it. "I have been taking Roaccutane for the last month.Any advice?" Yes. STOP. Immediately. You are killing essential body parts right now. They don't grow back.  (Dec 26, 2010 | post #32)