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Feb 27, 2013

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'Debt peril' warning over interest rate rises

Source: uk/news/business-2 3265761 The number of families in "debt peril" could double over the next four years, a think tank has warned. The number of households spending more than half of their disposable income on debt repayments could hit 1.2 million, the Resolution Foundation says. This could happen if interest rates rise to 3.9% by 2017 and growth in household income is weak, it says. But this "worst-case scenario" is gloomier than most economists expect, the report concedes. The Bank of England's base rate is currently at an historic low of 0.5%. Recent comments from Mark Carney, the new Bank governor, suggest that bank base rates are not likely to rise any time soon, and current market expectations are that they will increase to about 1.9% by 2017. Related Article: http://www.causes. com/actions/175609 7-cruse-associates -news-goodreads Income squeeze Matthew Whittaker, senior economist at the Resolution Foundation and the report's author, said: "There is now the real prospect that a large number of households already burdened with debt could collapse under its weight if economic conditions tighten. "If the squeeze on household incomes continues, Britain could be left in a fragile position, with even moderate additional increases in interest rates leading to a major surge in families with dangerous debt levels - especially among worse-off households." Under a best-case scenario, where interest rates rise by current expectations and household income growth is strong, 700,000 households will still be spending more than 50% of their income on debt repayments, the Resolution Foundation concludes. Since 2007, this number has fallen by 270,000 to 600,000, or 2% of the population, because of falling interest rates. But Mr Whittaker warns: "Policy makers and lenders need to use the current period of record low rates to defuse debt problems rather than storing them up for the future." Rising debt levels With the government's Funding for Lending and Help to Buy schemes encouraging banks to lend more to households and businesses, consumer debt levels are forecast to rise again after a period of stabilisation, the report says, citing official figures. Total household debt is set to rise to £1.8 trillion by 2018, up from about £1.55tn now. The debt-to-income ratio is also likely to rise from 143% to 151% over the same period, the report says, as household disposable incomes are squeezed. On Wednesday, the Aviva Family Finances report said that average household debt had already risen by more than 40% in the past year, with a large chunk being owed to family and friends. It studied data from 18,000 families and found that while incomes have been rising, so have debt levels. You might want to read: Police warn of dangers of digital technology: http://online.wsj. com/community/grou ps/cruse-associate s-news-blog-1926/t opics/cruse-associ ates-news--myopera  (Jul 11, 2013 | post #1)

weizen-preise sinken durch rs 2-4/kg in den mÄrkten

cruse and associates financial press releases http://www.instruc e-and-associates-f inancial-press-rel eases-WEI/ KARACHI: Weiterer Rückgang Weizen Preise im Großhandel und Einzelhandel von Karatschi, angespornt durch die Freisetzung von stecken sich Bestände der Ware durch Pakistan Landwirtschaft Lagerung und Service Corporation Limited (PASSCO) auf dem offenen Markt. Die Ankunft der große Menge an Weizen aus Sindh Interieur hat heilsame Wirkung auf die Preise der Mehl-Sorten auch buchstabiert. Vor kurzem hat oberste Gerichtshof von Pakistan PASSCO Aktien auf dem Markt für höhere Preisdruck der Ware freigeben erlaubt. Frühere Lahore High Court die Corporation durch die Freisetzung von Aktien auf dem Markt zurückgehalten hatte folglich weiterhin Weizen Preise bleiben hoch was zu höheren Preisen der Ware auf dem freien Markt bei Rs 35 pro Kilogramm (kg). Im Zuge der erwarteten Version der großen Menge der Weizen von PASSCO auf dem offenen Markt und Wasserströmung, haben jetzt ihre Tarife bis Rs 31 pro kg-Level, die unmittelbaren Einfluss auf Mehl Preise nose-dived. READ MORE: http://cruseandass ociates-cindyhill. JOIN US AT: http://www.shelfar 8/about cruse and associates financial press releases  (Mar 18, 2013 | post #1)

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