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Mar 21, 2014

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Covington, VA


Does anyone who lives in Covington believe there will be anything except for the Gartens they want to own everything and have the town run by them . God forbid if anyone tried they would stop them they don't want anyone to have more power then they do . They own the cops the drug trade half the buikdidings in Covington Covington will never have more than the Gartens want and it will always b that way  (Oct 27, 2015 | post #22)

Covington, VA

Cable/fiber optic

It's been here for 3 years I have had it for that long  (Jul 27, 2015 | post #3)

Covington, VA

Restaurants in Covington

Would Never eat at cuccis the food is horrible as for the cat an owl if u like eating dinner around the gartens every weekend go ahead it's for the high and mighty the food is mediocre at best and the price is too high and the menu never changes same damn thing different day try Michels in clifton. Jack masons is Mediocre at best not a good Place to eat in this town. Either have to go To lewisburg or Lexington. U would think a good restaurant would Come to this town  (Jul 26, 2015 | post #46)

Covington, VA


No they didn't get your facts straight I work for them stop spreading rumors  (May 30, 2015 | post #7)

Covington, VA

so called Christians

All I can say is AMEN  (May 23, 2015 | post #3)

Covington, VA

Leave a word take a word

Physical disorder  (May 6, 2015 | post #232)

Covington, VA

court cases

Sorry for the misspelling  (Aug 17, 2014 | post #28)

Covington, VA

court cases

Well I can tell u I have never seen such crooked cops and judges in one town damn my son went to roanoke to pick up his girlfriend at the time Was 17 1/2 she called screaming that her dad was going to kill her my son called me and he asked should he go since she was underage and I said yes I don't want to c her hurt well brought her back to clifton . Now they have been dating Over a year as this time , well about 6 hours later Scotty Schaffer in the sheriffs office banged down the back door at 4 in the morning with a gun in hand and shoved it in their faces while asleep my Son got out of bed and was being cooperative and then Scotty shaffer proceeded to grab her around the neck and my son stood in front of him and told him not to touch her he then shoved my son to the floor smacked his face into the floor several times kicked him while He was laying in the floor while another cop knees him in the back several times and then pulled his shoulder out of socket now I know most Len would have do we the same thing and then they planted 14 grams of weed in his bathroom and broke the bathroom door he got arrested for obstruction of justice and weed possesssiin and contributing to a delinquency of a Minor he got jail time a years probation and community service and loss of license cost us 1000.00 in fines and 6000 . Lawyer fees and Scotty shaffer is still waking Grew so it looks like to me a cop can beat u up in the town and get away with it  (Aug 17, 2014 | post #27)

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I have just learned of this site . Its amazing to me this is all people in this town have to do is gossip about other people . I have reviewed some of the posts and OMG talking about the Gartens like trash , we all should be grateful for them they, they have produced so many jobs in this town, they seem to love this town and do a lot for thanks goodness for them. Maybe a little appreciation would be nice instead of bad mouthing them  (Mar 21, 2014 | post #1)