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Jun 14, 2013

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crotchy the clown`s 1st amendment rights?

while paperback hackers/pushers and netwookie`ss in makeup will have you and your arts for free sells for nothing,your first admendment rights will be a bad joke.While crotchy the clown and COSMIC comedy copyrighted 1994 is NOW world wide copys of copys of copys with ripped off copyrighted arts,the paperback hacks will rewrite even court room transcipts into nothingness for profits also.SPICE time warner cable fully adult porno ran at the sametime as cosmic comedy but yet no charges were ever given the network 24 hour full time adult xxx channel and the network backed paperback hacks don`t even say nota bout a network same old same olt.FREEDOM of the arts is NOT for the non monoplyous but only for the profit corperation which oans and controls the airwaves same as predicted by the CIA in the eraly 1970`s.There are no freedoms for speech or arts vs interactive radars sound scans and thermal scanning GPS trackers and ploters in encampments for network 1%er`ss golden triangles.SHUT up about crotchy the clown cozblah and COSMIC COMEDY paperback cons you know nothing about those subjects or freedom of the arts and those adult subjects that are not allowed by our courts.Crotchy the clown never engaged in sex on screen was enever with anyone never engaged in any banned subject matter but was yet banned and copyed while adult muti billion dollar chanel ran 247 365 and those xxx networks are still up and running while even after nearly 20 years the hacks for the network SS still shovel dirt on crotchy`s grave for aliving just as the CIA predicted in 1976.  (Jun 17, 2013 | post #1)

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1st amendment free speech cozblah? cosmic comedy

free speech? 1st amendment rights? cozblah?.way back in 1994 on my copyrighted cosmic comedy show on public cable 14 channel TV warner bros,I aired produced wrote acted in tech/ed and owned my own show.Crotchy the clown on cosmic comedy,cosmic comedy which I still own by legal copyrights but of which is now produced around the globe less myself and a co-star.None of those useages are legal even the paperback hacks are getting some cashIns but don`t know free speech or court records at all.Cozblah never^ crotchy did once in over two years of programming NC17 after midnight a 159 min bliff of his^ and that's all they remember? and they never even saw the show so they CAN~T remember it`s impossible they didn`t see I^t or the show at all but yet still cashin on my 1st admendment rights taken for themselves for the cash only.They can`t even pin the name crotchy the clown but misplace cozblah in that role to take away my rights to a free living and free artistisms  (Jun 14, 2013 | post #1)