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Apr 15, 2012

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Lake City, MN

Obama-Economy - Lake City, MN

Over the last month almost a quarter of a million jobs were created,Not to shabby.  (Apr 15, 2012 | post #1)

Lake City, MN

Minnesota Primary Election August 10: Will you vote?

After George Bush and Dick Cheny were re elected I over heard a young woman in a store telling her friend that she hated George Bush but had to vote for him because her family was republican.I found it to be very disturbing,I believe that we should all vote but not because your family or friends are from a political party,We should all vote on the Merits of those whom are running for office. If Americans would stop fighting one another over what party they belong to and started voting on the issues we then might start to see our great nation return.Ive also learned that we cant believe everything the media says because it seems to me that the media has its own agenda,Fox news is Far Right,MSNBC Far Left,We need to do our homework and then vote for whom is best not by what party they belong to but by whom the man or woman is best for the job of serving our nation. Thats just one man's opinion. Coyote Lee  (Apr 15, 2012 | post #17)

Lake City, MN

Trayvon Martin - Lake City, MN

I believe that the media has made this into a rasist case and I also believe that the Media tried & convicted Zimmerman before he ever had a chance to defend himself,reminds me of the lacross players falsely accused some years back.  (Apr 15, 2012 | post #1)

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Proud To Be Back Home In MN


Lake City


By Lake Pepin aka Mississippi

Local Favorites:

Burger King,library,church,mayo health clinic here and Rochester

I Belong To:

SmokeyC4 an Online News & Views show that I do,Im changing the name to C4 News & Views,I also belong to a website that I built

When I'm Not on Topix:

I study History,Law and am hoping to become a licenced MN private Investigator.

Read My Forum Posts Because:

I keep it real and I say it as I see it.

I'm Listening To:

Toby Keith at my website

Read This Book:

The Bible and a book i have not yet named that im writing.

Favorite Things:

Fishing,A Cold Beer with a friend or friends,cook outs,Helping those in need.Christmas.

On My Mind:

My Health,Over coming a lot of odds to be the man I once was health wise and to becoming a better man and a better human being.

Blog / Website / Homepage:

I Believe In:

Loyalty,Honesty,True Friendship,God,Helping those in need.Kindness,Forgiveness,Compassion.Fighting for what is a true and worthy cause.Respect for others,Just because you think your right doesnt always mean your right.I also believe that Nebraska Medicaid and the Dr's that were involved are going to pay a very high price for the crimes that they commited as I wrote in the blog above when I was near death.