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Oct 19, 2007

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Chase City, VA

How do you get your internet Mecklenburg County?

Hello backatcha broadband4all, thanx for the reply...:) I will definetly let everyone i come into contact with about the new tower. that will great for all those people that are using dial up. I'm afraid I will have to keep verizon for awhile because of the cost. Broadband and whisp: Do you have all the employees you need at this time? I know my way around a computer and I do alot of publishing work. By the way maybe I missed it, but what is the name of your company so when I do talk about it I can recommend you? thanx!  (Oct 22, 2007 | post #20)

Chase City, VA

Boydton Broadband Exposed - Enterprise article

I agree with Stephen. It simply amazes me the things I hear people gossip about they stand around and complain and ring their hands but when it comes down to the wire they stand there and SAY nothing! People want change, they want wrongs righted but are not willing to stand up and SPEAK it to anyone that can do something about it. they would rather gossip about it to people like theirselves.....No t to anyone that can make a difference. I have never been been afraid to speak up, Where do I sign up??? <grin>  (Oct 19, 2007 | post #6)

Chase City, VA

How do you get your internet Mecklenburg County?

I'm on the outskirts of Chase City, I am lucky to even be able to get broadband, a couple that live on the same road closer to chase city in fact they are considered to be "In-Town " cant even get it! Weird to say the least. I have verizon dsl, happy with it most of the time, I dont like the email service and a few other things but hey, beats dial up! I may be interested in switching if the email was better and maybe the price was a little better. I'm not on a contract or anything. What if anything comes with your service? I get so much space for a personal web site for instance. How many email addresses? not for aliases but for family members? What really made me MAD about verizon was I got a call from Direct TV one saturday and was told for one low price I could have my phone, my internet, (verizon broadband) and Direct TV, when I stated I already had all three services but for a higher price I was told sorry, you dont qualify! This was for NEW customers only not people that already had the service! Well they shouldnt have called an existing customer and make her mad and offer her something she couldnt have......I have a phone for 60.00 a month, direct tv for 60.00 a month and verizon dsl for 29.00 a month.New customers could have all of those for 99.00 a month. yup, made me MAD. So would I switch? Yup I would. Bout time they had some competition! I know people that would die for broadband, I have not heard or seen anything advertised, reading this blog is the first time I have heard of a tower in Baskerville. I have friends that live on Scottscross roads in chase city ( off of 47) I wonder if they could use the baskerville tower? thanx!  (Oct 19, 2007 | post #16)