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Sep 23, 2012

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Greenville, SC

the answer to why people remain pill addicts.

I ask trying to get in to see someone to get put on suboxone. I have been addicted to high power pain medicine for 5 years. It is impossible to come of but of it with no help..and for people who think its all about will power have no idea..its not a mental withdrawal...its a physical withdrawl...and the withdraws can be overcome but I was clean for over 6 months and still could not get my energy back...none at all..not even a little..anyways, to get in to see this doctor is over$300 PER the suboxone costs over $300......this is why drug addicts stay drug addicts....what drug addict can afford that???? I don't spend that much on pills....think I will continue to stay on pills as opposed to not eat or pay rent and go to the go ahead and condemn me to hell!!! :)  (Sep 24, 2012 | post #1)

Greenville, SC

help with pain meds

I am a considerably healthy 28 year old. . I know doctors are writers about prescribing For the post the years I have been having muscle aches ask over my body that causes me to not feel like doing anything. I know its like pulling Teeth to get any kind of narcotic pain med from a doctor....but its the only thing that helps. Any suggestions on what to do? I live close to Greenville SC. I can't afford an expensive pain clinic...maybe a family doctor who isn't anti narcotic?  (Sep 23, 2012 | post #1)